Returnal CE-100028-1 error code explained

The error is accompanied by a warning telling players that their save data has been corrupted.


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Story Updated – 6:24 am, May 6 – Returnal update 1.3.4 has been released. You’re able to download this now, and it should prevent your save data from becoming corrupted. The official patch notes for update 1.3.4 outline that any save data that hasn’t been reduced to 0KB is not salvageable. Your progress is gone, and you’ll have to start again. If your save data is backed up through PlayStation Plus, then you can download it and use it after the patch has been installed. If you didn’t play the game whilst update 1.3.3 was installed, you can safely update the game and play it again once the new update is installed. Housemarque will share news on update 1.3.5 in the near future.

Original story

Following the first major patch for Returnal, a new error code has begun afflicting players with corrupted saves. The error code is “CE-100028-1” and is accompanied by a warning telling players that their save data has been corrupted.

The specific patch that causes this issue is Returnal Update 1.3.3. If you play the game on this patch, then you’ll get the “CE-100028-1” message. While you can keep playing, none of the progress you make will be saved. The save file will be unplayable when you start the game again after closing it.

Developer Housemarque is aware of the issue and working on a fix.

The best thing to do right now is to avoid playing Returnal. Unfortunately, if you have been affected by this update, you’ll need to redownload the game. A new patch needs to be released before the game can be played without risking save date corruption again. The latest word from Housemarque is that the broken patch has been pulled in favor of the last working version of the game, 1.3.1. When another patch that fixes all of the issues in 1.3.3 and error code “CE-100028-1” has been released, Housemarque will put it live and make all users aware that it’s safe to play again.