How to Get Started Playing Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch


Ring Fit Adventure arrives on the Nintendo Switch starting tomorrow, providing a new — and creative — way to get in shape while battling monsters in a fantasy-themed world. It’s a novel idea and one that pays off as you get used to the game.

There are a variety of mini-games available in Ring Fit, which tie in with exercises you’ll perform using the game’s included peripherals. It’ll make you sweat, but it’s well worth compared to the usual exercise programs.

With that, we’ve put together a starter’s guide that will introduce you to the basics. It’s easy to get into, but tough to master. Good luck!

How to Get Started Playing Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure

Getting Started With Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure comes with two peripherals. The first is a leg strap that attaches to your thigh, to track your walking and jumping activities. The second is a circular exercise ring controller, which tracks arm and other movements.

To operate this, you’ll need two JoyCon controllers, which come with the Nintendo Switch anyway. One of the JoyCon controllers slips into the leg strap, while the other fits snugly in the circular controller. Once inserted, start up the game, and they should synch up.

Keep in mind that you need both of these special controllers and the JoyCons to operate the game. So be aware if you’re buying the game used down the line.

Ring Fit Adventure

Take on Adventure Mode, or Try Quick Play

Once you have your controllers adjusted and you’re all set to go, start up the game. From here, you have different options available.

Adventure Mode is the main attraction. It’s here that you’ll run through the world, attempting to defeat a super muscular dragon by the name of Dragauex. Along the way, you’ll contend with many of his miscreants, performing specific exercises to take them down.

If you’re not in the mood to play the whole game, though, there’s also a Quick Play mode. It’s here that you can play from several unlocked mini-games. There are also workouts set aside for specific parts of the body — so you don’t have to skip leg day.

There are various exercises in all, themed towards the chest, legs, and arms. You can also do yoga poses if you’re flexible enough, though that’s totally up to you. No matter what you prefer, the battle system is easy to adjust to. And if it’s too much of a cakewalk, you can increase the difficulty — and intensity — accordingly.

Don’t push yourself too hard with Ring Fit Adventure. It’ll wear you out if you let it. The best way to go is to build up in your exercise and watch yourself gradually, so you don’t run out of breath. Remember, you have a pause button as well — it never hurts to take a break!

That’s it! Check out the trailer below to see the game in action and pick up Ring Fit Adventure starting October 18 for Nintendo Switch!