How to Access Risk of Rain 2’s Two New Hidden Realms


Risk of Rain 2 has a new series of Hidden Realms for players to explore. If you want to check them out, you need to go out of your way to locate them, and they’re not easy to find.

The first new hidden realm is called Void Field, and you need to access this location if you want to unlock Acrid, a brand new survivor for Risk of Rain 2, who was in the first game.

To access the Void Field, you need to make your way through the blue portal and to the location called Bazaar Between Worlds, which is where the Lunar Shop is. Once inside, look down, and you should see a series of platforms leading to the bottom with a green light. You need to maneuver yourself to fall down these platforms, using the distinct green light to guide your way. Make sure to let your health return between falls.

When you get closer to the bottom, look for a hole in the wall, and you jump toward it. You should have plenty of platforms in your way to reach it, and eventually, there’s a purple portal you need to step through. After you step into it, you’ve entered the Void Field.

The next one is a hidden location that you can only access if you have the Beads of Fealty, which are a lunar item. You can only acquire these by looting Lunar Pods or by finding it in the Bazaar Between Time. Once you have it, you now need to go to the green portal in A Moment, Fractured.

When you’re inside, you need to sacrifice yourself. Instead of dying, you go to the new Hidden Realm and now have access to one of the new bosses in the game.