Risk of Rain 2 – Volcanic Egg Details, And How To Unlock


The Risk of Rain 2 Skills 2.0 update has brought even more items to help you on your runs. In Risk of Rain 2, you fight waves of enemies as you search for a teleport to jump to the next level. The enemies drop gold, which allows you to open chests and containers and get items that give you buffs, making your stronger. The more items you get, the stronger you become, and the further you get on your runs.

Not all items are available from the get-go, some need to be unlocked with specific actions or achievements in the game, others might be tied to a certain boss fight, or secret. Finding them all can be tricky, but once you do they enter into your general pool, and can show up in standard crates, as long as you have the gold to open them.

Risk of Rain 2 – Volcanic Egg Details

The Volcanic Egg is a new Equipment item, meaning it will go into your Equipment slot. To unlock this item, you need to get lucky and have it pop out of an Equipment container when you open it.

The Volcanic Egg will turn you into a draconic fireball for 5 seconds. You will deal 500% damage on contact with any enemy, and after five seconds you will detonate, causing 800% damage. This piece of Equipment has a cooldown of 30s, starting from the moment of detonation.

This is potentially an excellent item for Mercenary builds, as he tends to be dash around within close quarters of enemies, and this will either give you a volatile escape option, or a great way to start a fight against a large group of enemies.