Risk of Rain 2 | Equipment Drone And Incinerator Drone Guide


Risk of Rain 2’s Scorched Acres update arrived yesterday, and it brought with it all kinds of new content. There is Rex, the new survivor, a new area to explore, a new boss to fight, and new items and monsters to be found as well. It also introduced two new Drones, in the form of the Equipment Drone and the Incinerator Drone. Both Drones have very different functions but are worth getting if you come across them in one of the levels.

The Equipment Drone

The Equipment Drone can carry a piece of equipment such as the Disposable Missile Launcher, the Primordial Cube or the Back-Up. From what I can tell, it will merely use the Equipment on cooldown, and it seems to be mainly down to the AI to decide what it fires at. The good news is that you can also carry a piece of Equipment, so you can technically have two of these important items on your run. If you find the Equipment Drone, you can place whatever piece of Equipment you are carrying into it, and it will fly off and do attack enemies with it. You do want to be careful about what you use, as there is little point in putting something like a Foreign Fruit in it.

The Incinerator Drone

The Incinerator Drone can be activated with gold earned by killing enemies. This is a flying flamethrower, and it will do its own and thing and melt mobs of enemies. I found this to be a highly effective drone, and even late in a run, it was demolishing groups of enemies and seemed to take very little damage. It’s definitely a Drone I would recommend you use if you come across it.

And that’s it, everything I currently know about the new Drones in Risk of Rain 2. As I play through a bit more and learn the ins and outs of the Drones, I will update this guide, but for now, they seem to be pretty straight forward. Also, while this is strictly anecdotal evidence, the new Scorched Acres level, which is a new alternate third level on your runs, seems to have a very high chance of spawning one of the new Drones somewhere, so make sure you explore it thoroughly.