Risk of Rain 2 | Where To Find The Fuel Array to complete the Power Plant Achievement


If you want to finish Risk of Rain 2’s Power Planet achievement, you will need to find the Fuel Array. And believe me, you do want to finish the Power Plant achievement is that is how you unlock the new character, Rex. In this guide, we will show you where to find the Fuel Array and how to finish the Power Plant Achievement.

Where To Find The Fuel Array

Fuel Array

The Fuel Array is actually in an undeniable spot. After you start a new game, just after you spawn in and leave the Escape Pod, walk around to the back of the Pod. Hit “E” to interact with a panel, and then hit “E” again to take out the Fuel Array. Yes, it is that simple. Now that you have the Fuel Array, you can work on finishing the Power Plant Achievement to get Rex.

How To Complete The Power Plant Achievement

Power Plant

All you need to do for this is to get to the Abyssal Depths level. This is the fourth level on the run, and is the one that will remind you a bit of a hellish world. When you spawn in, start looking for Rex. From what I can tell, he should be on one of the higher levels that you need to reach using the steam vents. I don’t know if I can guarantee he will be up there, but everyone I know who plays the game has found him up there so far, so he either spawns in one place, or he has a minimal number of spawn points. When you see him, interact with him to place the Fuel Array, and that’s it, Achievement unlocked!

One thing to be mindful of while carrying the Fuel Array is that it can only take so much damage before it explodes, instantly killing you. As such, you want to reduce the damage you take as much as possible while you are working on the Power Plant Achievement.

So there you go, now you know where to find the Fuel Array, and how to finish the Power Plant Achievement and unlock Rex in Risk of Rain 2.