Risk of Rain 2 – Rallypoint Delta Timed Chest Locations


On Rallypoint Delta in Risk of Rain 2, you need to try to get to a timed chest if you want to unlock the Preon Accumulator. If you haven’t been trying to do this, you should, the Preon Accumulator is damage dealing monster. You have 10 minutes in singleplayer, and 15 in multiplayer, if you want to get to this chest before it locks. Because the chest can spawn in randomly, this can be a little awkward. In this guide we have collected every spawn point that we know of, to help make it a little easier for you.

Location 1

Timed Chest Locations

A very common spawn is at the foot of the large antenna at the top of the cliff. This one is easy to get to, as you can pretty much always see the antenna. Just climb up the cliff face to get to this area.

Location 2

Timed Chest Locations

The chest can also spawn in at the foot of the cliff, pretty close to the center of the map. The shot above does a good job of showing off this location, I hope! This one is also a little odd because sometimes there will be an open container here that contains the timed crate.

Location 3

Timed Chest Locations

The timed chest can also spawn in the container shown in the picture above, right in the back of it.

That is all the locations I have seen, and I have been through the level dozens of times! Some spawns for items can be very rare though, so if I find more I will update the guide accordingly!