Roblox Captive codes (July 2022)

Get out alive with these codes for Roblox Captive.

You can redeem multiple codes for Roblox Captive, which are a good way to give you numerous items for in-game rewards, making it easier to add cash, resources, and tools to your account. These codes regularly rotate out, making your life easier if you’re looking to play this game regularly. This guide covers all active Roblox Captive codes and how to redeem them in the game.

How to redeem Roblox Captive codes

You must be in the game to redeem any Roblox Captive codes. After starting the Roblox Captive application, look to the right side of your screen. Underneath the backpack icon will be a Twitter icon. Click on it, and you will bring up the code notification screen where you can input any of the codes we’ve posted below. We recommend using these codes as quickly as possible as they will not remain available for long. The development team regularly rotates these out for fresh ones at unknown times. None of these codes are case-sensitive.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We recommend following the Twitter account @MulletMFIA or their Twitch channel outside the game. They are one of the developers and creators of the game. They will sometimes post the new codes available in the game, allowing you to catch them as quickly as possible. Alternatively, a Discord server was created by the developers known for the Roblox Captive community, which the developers also post regarding future updates.

All active Roblox Captive codes

These are all of the active codes you can redeem for Roblox Captive.

  • MULLETMAFIA: get some cash
  • Redriptide: Redeem for a reward

All expired Roblox Captive codes

These codes are no longer available in Roblox Captive.

  • BUNDLE: Redeem for 50 cash
  • discord: Redeem for 500 cash
  • FROSTY: Redeem for 1,000 cash
  • glorious: Redeem for 2,000 cash
  • KREW: Redeem for free cash
  • MULLETMAFIA: Redeem for 100 cash
  • MULLETS: Redeem for 500 cash
  • release: Redeem for 100 cash
  • snowday: Redeem for 100 cash
  • SPOOKY: Redeem for a free reward
  • stages: Redeem for 500 cash
  • VIBE – Redeem for 200 cash
  • XMAS – Redeem for 50 cash