Roblox Egg Simulator codes (October 2021)

One of the most gracious games in Roblox.

Image via Roblox

Egg Simulator has likely risen to fame thanks to the number of pets you are able to collect. Although you could earn most through games and currency, the best way to go about doing so is through entering each of the promotional codes.

How to redeem codes in Egg Simulator

In any server you are in, there will be a twitter logo plastered on the left side of your screen. There, you will enter each code. There is a lot to redeem, but at least they are not case-sensitive.

Active Egg Simulator codes

Even taking the time to redeem five to 10 of these codes will raise the percentage in your Pet Index. Aside from pets, some codes even offer progression boosts and cosmetics.

  • SPARKLES: Dominus
  • TIGER: Mega Tiger
  • MEGAPET: Mega Alien Dog
  • SHOCK: Red Shock Dominus
  • SPARKS: Sparks Pet
  • METAVERSE: Dominus Astra Pet
  • Pure: Pure Dominus Legendary Pet
  • 1mil: Rainbow Bunny
  • 2020: Rainbow Snow Angel
  • 28Mil: Goblin Dominus
  • 666: Sinister Stack
  • 6mil: Shiny Party Bunny
  • Angel: Angel Dominus
  • Beach: Rainbow Dog
  • Bolt: Green Shock Dominus
  • Boo: Magma Matter
  • Boost: 5x boost for eggs, coins, luck, and gems
  • Bot: Glitch bot
  • Comet: Galaxy Pirate
  • Crab: Super Crab
  • Crystal: Crystal Valk
  • Cyber: Cyber pet
  • Disco: Disco Sun
  • Electro: Electro Demon Dominus
  • Fall: Thankful Duck
  • Feast: Ducky Dominus
  • Free: Mythical Demon Dominus
  • Galaxy: Galaxy Unicorn
  • Gem: 1000 Gems
  • Giant: Giant Unicorn
  • Gold: Mythical Golden Dominus
  • Golden: Golden Mouse
  • Jen: Sparkle Note Trio
  • Lazer: Lazer Dominus
  • Magic: Plasma Wizard
  • Mega: Mega Dominus
  • Moon: Radioactive Alien
  • Mythical: Mythical Candy Dominus
  • Patriot: Patriot Puppy
  • Premium: Gold Dominus
  • Present: Rainbow Deer
  • Rainbow: Rainbow Demon Dominus
  • Red: Code Red
  • Robzi: Robzi Robot
  • Scary: Robot Overlord
  • Sinister: Triple Sinister
  • Slime: Slime Dominus
  • Snow: Rainbow Knight
  • Spooky: Pumpkin King
  • Star: Galaxy Genie
  • Stick: Magic Glow Stick
  • Sun: Sleepy Sun
  • Tesla: Tesla Dominus
  • USA: Patriot Puppy
  • ULTRA: Ultra Red Dominus Pet
  • Zombie: Zombie Sinister
  • Boo: Ghost Dominus
  • Spooky: Pumpkin King
  • Ninja: Ninja Unicord
  • Star: Galacy Genie
  • Moon: Radioactive Alien
  • Comet: Galaxy Pirate
  • 6mil: Shiny Party Bunny
  • Alien Alien Grunt
  • NEWYEAR: Triple Threat

Epired codes

  • Cat: Ninja Cat Pet
  • Jelly: Jellyfish Pet
  • July: Mythical Fireworks
  • Grad: Diploma Dog Pet
  • LION: Lion Pet
  • BEAR: Spring Bear Pet
  • HERO: Free Booster
  • SPRING: Flower Golem Pet
  • FIEND: Fiend Rare Pet
  • SUPER: Rainbo Unicorn Pet
  • holiday: Rainbo Deer Pet
  • Teddy: Cursed Teddy Bear Pet
  • EASTER: Easter Doge Pet
  • Santa: Rainbow Santa Dog
  • KAWAII: Legendary Kawaii Cat Pet