Roblox: How to Fix Error 901

Roblox Error 901 can be fixed, but it might also be an issue with a user’s account.

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Roblox is a vast platform containing hundreds of games for users to enjoy. However, it has its fair share of issues and errors that result from an online game growing as exponentially as Roblox. This guide explains what causes Roblox Error 901 and how to potentially fix it. While there are a few fixes players can test, this error is also caused by an account issue explained below and can be unavoidable in that specific case.

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What is Roblox Error 901?

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Roblox Error 901 is an error that can occur when someone first signs up for a Roblox account, caused by incorrect characters or general issues linking accounts between PC and Xbox. It can also pop up when an account is under moderation, meaning players have been restricted to certain activities. This results in the Roblox Error 901 message popping up when they try to access moderated activities.

How to Fix Roblox Error 901

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There are multiple possible fixes for Roblox Error 901. If a user is signing up for an account, they should ensure they’re trying to sign up with an appropriate username that contains no inappropriate words or phrases. Usernames should also be free of personally identifiable information such as an address. Finally, usernames need to consist of between 3 to 20 characters, made up of letters and numbers and one underscore at most.

If a user already has an account and is experiencing Roblox Error 901, then they should sign in on a new device on their home internet to double-check the connection. Should that fail, they can try another device and then log into their primary device once they’ve ascertained that their username and passwords work correctly.

Roblox suggests all of these Roblox Error 901 fixes on its official troubleshooting page. Lastly, if none works, the user’s account may be under moderation, restricting when they can log into the platform.

Roblox Error 901: Account Under Moderation

If a user’s Roblox account is under moderation, and that’s why they’re getting Roblox Error 901, then they need to contact Roblox and adhere to the guidelines outlined to them. There will be a set period for which the account will be in moderation, and once that time has passed, the user will be able to access Roblox and all the games they want to play. If users don’t stick to these rules, they risk their accounts being permanently banned.