Roblox: What is the User Status Not Up to Date Error?

Are you having trouble finding your character on Roblox? Here’s what you need to know about how to fix this common issue.

Image via Roblox Corporation

With Roblox being a massive online service, you’re bound to experience a handful of errors when trying to connect to the game. A notable error some players have encountered gives them a notification that displays, “User status may not be up to date,” preventing them from jumping into the game.

In this guide, we cover how to fix the user status may not be up to date error in Roblox, and what it means.

How to Fix What is the User Status Not Up to Date Error in Roblox

The notable error for the ‘user stat may not be up to date is likely connected to server problems on the Roblox side. This error started to appear more when the Roblox Server status page began to report a widespread outage occurring across the game. Shortly after, a Roblox Status Twitter account reflected the outage that happened at a specific time, sharing no reason about how the outrage occurred.

We imagine as the Roblox team steadily works on these issues and the servers begin to appear again, you’ll stop seeing the user status error code. Given that these two happened simultaneously, the two are likely connected. It all comes down to server problems. If you see this error, make sure to check out the Roblox Status page. If things are down, chances are you’re going to need to wait for them to come back up to no longer see the error.

The reason you’ll see this error while the servers are down is that your information cannot be pulled up. They’re connected to the Roblox servers, and that means none of the details appear on your side. You’ll continue to see this problem under the servers are fixed, and the Roblox datacenters can connect to your side.

The best recommendation we have to fix this problem is to wait until everything is working again and log in once more later. You will need to wait until the servers become stable again.