Roblox PROJECT: Playtime Codes (February 2023)

Watch out for the scary monster.

Image via Roblox

If you love horror games, especially asymmetrical ones like Dead by Daylight, then Project: Playtime can be a great Roblox experience. The style of the game is reminiscent of spin-off Five Nights at Freddy’s games. You can play as either one of the six survivors trapped in a toy factory or as a monster looking to find all of them and kill them before they can build the giant toy.

For everything that Atomic Heart does well, there’s a caveat in the controls, stability, or simple game UI. At some points, you can even step between sections of loading in the game to abuse AI or see scenery pop in out of nowhere. It’s a beautiful tapestry with a rich story to tell worthy of the games that inspired it, not least the BioShock franchise. If you’re looking for a game to fill the void those games have left, this is it, and if you’re looking for an addictive narrative or gameplay experience, it’s here. Just don’t tug at the threads fraying from this tapestry, lest you pull away so much that you see through its beauty to the mundane base parts beneath.

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All Roblox Project: Playtime codes list

Roblox Project: Playtime codes (Working)

There are currently no active Roblox codes for Project: Playtime.

Roblox Project: Playtime codes (Expired)

There are currently no expired Roblox codes for Project: Playtime.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Project: Playtime

There is currently no option to redeem codes in Project: Playtime. However, the option might be added in the future, in which case we will update this section with instructions on how to claim codes for Project: Playtime in Roblox.

How to get more Roblox Project: Playtime codes

To get more codes for Project: Playtime, you can always check back to this guide, which will be updated with new codes when they get released. Besides that, you can join the Project: Playtime Discord server. That way, you can keep up with the news about the game, stay in touch with the community, and possibly get new codes. Also, you can join the Svardo Studios Roblox group and claim 250 Coins in the game by doing that.

Why are my Roblox Project: Playtime codes not working?

Roblox codes may not work for a few reasons. You might have misspelled the code, used the wrong caps, or left a space that shouldn’t be there. That’s why copying and pasting codes from the list directly into the text box is the best and easiest way. Remember that codes expire over time, so you could be trying to claim a code that has already expired.

What is Roblox Project: Playtime?

Project: Playtime is a Roblox experience in which six survivor players take on one monster player. The goal is to build a giant toy while evading the monster that roams the toy factory, looking for survivors and trying to prevent them from building the toy. It’s an asymmetrical horror game that rewards cooperation between survivors and ruthless cunning from the monster player.