Roblox: Project Slayers – Doctor Higoshima Location

Finding Doctor Higoshima NPC location in Project Slayers.

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Roblox: Project Slayers is yet another crossover between Roblox and anime. If you’re a fan of Demon Slayer, no matter what part of the show you’re watching, this addition to Roblox will undoubtedly be delightful. With many different abilities to use and the ability to play as either a Demon or a Slayer, the RPG is an immersive experience built with fans in mind. In addition to having tons of abilities and weapons from the show, there’s also an assortment of NPC characters. This guide will explain where you can find Doctor Higoshima in Project Slayers.

Who is Doctor Higoshima in Project Slayers?

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Concerning the game and not the story of the anime, Doctor Higoshima is an NPC that you’ll need to find eventually, especially if you choose to play as a Demon. If you want to be a Demon while playing on Project Slayers, you’ll have to hunt down Muzan. After they give you the Demon Blood, you’ll need to complete a questline for them. One of these pieces to the questline directly involves knowing where Doctor Higoshima is.

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Where is Doctor Higoshima in Project Slayers?

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Throughout Project Slayers, there are plenty of NPCs that are important to upgrade your character, progressing questlines, and more. Doctor Higoshima is one of the most important ones, a necessity for the Muzan questline, in which you must bring them to Muzan to complete it. To find Doctor Higoshima, consider these next few steps:

  1. Go to the Kiribating village entrance
  2. Go straight down the sand road, past the first turn.
  3. Once you reach the end of the road, turn right.
  4. Find the wooden ramp. This should lead up to a hill, where there is a house on top.
  5. Go inside the house, where you should be able to find Doctor Higoshima.