Roblox Shindo Life spawn times list (Shinobi Life 2)

Find the perfect time to discover weapons and enter limited-time modes.

Image via Roblox

If you want to be the absolute best ninja amongst your friends in Shindo Life, you will likely need to play the Roblox title at the earliest and latest hours of the day. This is because some items and moves only spawn at specific locations at certain times. For instance, players may notice that the Dagai Sword in Dunes is only available two times a day for a short period. Here’s when and where each weapon, mode, move, and item spawns in Shindo Life.

All item spawn times and locations

Shindo Life’s items are on a 12-hour spawn loop. That means you can expect an item to appear once in the morning and again at night. Luckily, each of the following items will stay on the map for at least 25 minutes after initially becoming available, so you should have more than enough time to find them. You can discover each item listed in alphabetical order and their spawn times in Eastern Time.

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ItemItem typeTime (Eastern Time)Location
Acrobat StyleWeapon9:15Nimbus
Air ControlJutsu7:15Dunes
Air Style FanWeapon6:25Dunes
Air Style: Odama Spirit BombJutsu1:30Training Fields
Akuma Eternal HandMode12:20Ember
Alphirama BladeWeapon9:40Obelisk
Apollo BladeWeapon1:45Great Narumaki Bridge
Azim Dual SenkoWeapon2:50Ember
Bankai BladeWeapon3:25Training Fields
Bat Cursed SpiritMode2:15Forest of Embers
Bomb BladeWeapon12:10Haze
Bubble FluteWeapon1:40Haze
Captain JokeiMode5:30Obelisk
Chi KunaiWeapon2:45Ember
Chi Rod TossThrowable1:25Storm
Chu Tailed Spirit Generation 2Mode7:10Dunes
Cobra Spirit AwakenMode2:35Obelisk
Cobra Stretch ModeMode7:45Tempest
Confusion Illusion TechniqueJutsu8:10Storm
Dagai SwordWeapon6:40Dunes
Demon Gate SpiritMode3:30Ember
Demon TossThrowable2:40Haze
Demon WarpJutsu2:45Forest of Embers
Demon ScytheWeapon12:40Dawn Hideout
Demonic SpiritMode2:45Haze
Dio Senko BladeWeapon3:35Ember
Divination SpiritMode2:20Ember
Dual Chi RodsWeapon6:20Storm
Dual LightningWeapon9:20Haze
Dual-Bladed ScytheWeapon9:45Haze
Dunes Chi BladeWeapon1:25Dunes
Dunes Fate SpiritMode4:30Dunes
Eagle CompanionJutsu9:15Nimbus
Electro BladeWeapon5:50Dunes
Ember Chi BladeWeapon12:25Ember
Ember Fate SpiritMode5:25Ember
Exploding Vanishing ImageJutsu6:30Forest of Embers
Finite Strength SpiritMode2:45Training Fields
Fire ShurikensJutsu9:30Forest of Embers
Flame ControlJutsu5:10Ember
Forged Umpire FanWeapon12:00Dawn Hideout
Gai Tailed Spirit Generation 2Mode8:25Nimbus
Grass TantoWeapon11:20Dawn Hideout
Great Spiraling Spirit BombWeapon12:15Great Narumaki Bridge
Haze Chi BladeWeapon3:25Haze
Haze Fate SpiritMode6:20Haze
Heaven BladeWeapon4:15Tempest
Heavenly SpiritMode6:45Dunes
Heavenly WallJutsu3:10Obelisk
Heroes WaterConsumable12:10Jejunes
Isu Tailed Spirit Generation 2Mode9:30Haze
Jayramaki Frog SpiritMode2:35Ember
Kokotsu BladeWeapon4:10Obelisk
Kor Tailed Spirit Generation 2Mode6:10Ember
Ku Tailed Spirit Generation 2Mode12:10Obelisk
Lightning ShurikensJutsu10:10Training Fields
Liquid ControlJutsu3:20Haze
Mao Tailed Spirit Generation 2Mode3:10Nimbus
Medical Mode TransferJutsu11:35Ember
Moon StaffWeapon1:30Forest of Embers
Multi-Vanishing ClonesJutsu12:25Ember
Narumaki BarrageMartial Art1:15Great Narumaki Bridge
Narumaki Toad SpiritMode2:45Ember
Narumaki Vanishing CloneJutsu2:10Great Narumaki Bridge
Narumaki Vanishing Multi-CloneJutsu3:25Great Narumaki Bridge
Nimbus Chi BladeWeapon2:25Nimbus
Nimbus Fate SpiritMode8:10Nimbus
Nimbus SwordWeapon7:25Nimbus
Obelisk Chi BladeWeapon11:25Obelisk
Obelisk Fate SpiritMode7:30Mode
Peekaboo JutsuJutsu11:20Training Fields
Pika BladeWeapon8:30Tempest
Plate of CurryConsumable2:25Jejunes
Raion BladeWeapon5:25Obelisk
Reality Style: WarpJutsu12:45Ember
Realty TalkJutsu5:35Storm
Reaper SpiritJutsu8:25Forest of Embers
Reaper Spirit (SL2)Jutsu7:25Forest of Embers
Reptile Cursed SpiritJutsu12:20Storm
Rice CakeConsumable4:20Jejunes
Riser Akuma BladeWeapon7:45Tempest
Rykan BladeWeapon5:10Haze
Saberu SurpriseMarial Art1:50Training Fields
Saberu TantoWeapon2:20Training Fields
Samurai TantoWeapon7:45Nimbus
Satori BladeWeapon5:10Ember
Savage BladeWeapon11:25Obelisk
Sei Tailed Generation 2Mode10:10Haze
Senko KunaiWeapon3:10Ember
Senko Spirit BombJutsu4:15Ember
Senko StormJutsu5:40Obelisk
Shark SwordWeapon1:10Dawn Hideout
Shindai Prime BladeWeapon4:25Shindai Valley
Shindai Umpire FanWeapon4:15Dawn Hideout
Shindo BladeWeapon7:55Nimbus
Shiver TantoWeapon5:45Forest of Embers
Shizen RaijinWeapon6:15Ember
Shock CloakMode7:35Nimbus
Shock ControlJutsu9:25Nimbus
Shock Style: Dual Electro Jutsu2:45Forest of Embers
Shock Style: Electro BladeJutsu3:55Ember
Shockslam Technique Jutsu3:35Obelisk
SL2 Bomb BladeWeapon2:15Dunes
SL2 Chi KunaiWeapon11:15Ember
SL2 Dual LightningWeapon5:15Haze
SL2 Grass TantoWeapon7:15Obelisk
SL2 Heaven BladeWeapon8:15Dawn Hideout
SL2 Nimbus SwordWeapon12:15Nimbus
SL2 Senko KunaiWeapon3:!5Ember
SL2 Shindai Prime BladeWeapon4:15Dawn Hideout
SL2 Slayer BladeWeapon1:15Dawn Hideout
SL2 Thread BladeWeapon6:15Haze
Slayer BladeWeapon8:40Haze
Snail Spirit AwakenMode5:20Obelisk
Snake SummonJutsu3:35Tempest
Sound FluteWeapon7:40Obelisk
Specialist SpiritMode5:35Ember
Spider Cursed SpiritMode2:20Training Fields
Spirit Bomb: Shuriken RushJutsu2:45Ember
Spirit Bomb: Shuriken TossJutsu2:45Nimbus
Spirit SpearMartial Art1:30Training Fields
Stone BusterWeapon10:40Obelisk
Stone ControlJutsu12:35Obelisk
Su Tailed Spirit Generation 2Mode3:30Dunes
Sun StaffWeapon3:15Training Fields
Sun Tailed Spirit Generation 2Mode11:30Obelisk
Super Odama Spirit BombJutsu2:45Forest of Embers
Super SerumConsumable6:15Jejunes
Thread BladeWeapon9:30Haze
Toad Cursed SpiritMode1:20Tempest
Toad SummonJutsu11:20Tempest
Tree Illusion TechniqueJutsu7:15Ember
Triple Cobalt BladeWeapon10:25Obelisk
Two Bladed ScytheWeapon11:40Obelisk
Umpire GuitarWeapon11:10Obelisk
Vanishing Clone: BarrageJutsu4:40Ember
Vanishing ImageJutsu2:45Ember
Vanishing Spirit BombJutsu4:25Forest of Embers
Water Vanishing ImageJutsu5:15Obelisk
Wood Vanishing ImageJutsu3:10Nimbus