Roblox Shindo Life spawn times list (Shinobi Life 2)

Strike while the iron is hot.

Sometimes, to be the best ninja in Shinobi Life 2 means playing at the most unconventional times, as that’s when your most desired weapon may spawn. For one, you may have noticed that something like the Darui companion only spawns for you and your friends every night at the same exact time. This is due to the game having a 12 hour spawn loop, giving players the highest chance to collect an item at a certain time.

These spawns include weapons, companions, moves, and even bosses. All of these are restricted to particular locations outside villages, with some requiring you to be a specific level to enter. Leveling up your character may be worth it, as many of these items are highly sought after.

All item spawn times and locations

Every time mentioned below is based on Eastern Standard Time. As it is a 12 hour loop, these items will spawn twice a day – once in the morning and again at night. As none of these are event items, these spawn times will not change for the foreseeable future.

Item NameSpawn Time (Eastern Standard Time) AM/PMLocation
Acrobat Style9:15Cloud Village
Blossom Spear1:30Leaf Village
Chakra Spear2:45Leaf Village
Chakra Rod Toss1:25Rain Village
Chakra Rods6:20Rain Village
Chomei Jin7:10Sand Village
Cleaver Sword7:25Cloud Village
Cloak of Lightning7:35Cloud Village
Cursed Seal of Heaven2:15Forest of Death
Darui10:30Cloud Village
Deidara4:25Sand Village
Demon Hunter2:45Mist Village
Demon Substitution2:45Forest of Death
Demon Toss2:40Mist Village
Dual Raikiri2:45Forest of Death
Dual-Bladed Scythe9:45Mist Village
Eight Inner Gates3:30Leaf Village
Executioner Blade8:40Mist Village
Gaiden Kusanagi5:10Leaf Village
Gaiden Kusanagi v23:25Training Grounds
Garian Blade10:25Rock Village
Giant Folding Fan6:25Sand Village
Grass Kusanagi11:20Akatsuki Base
Gunbai12:00 Akatsuki Base
Gyuki Jin8:25Cloud Village
Hashirama Blade9:40Rock Village
Hiramekarei8:55Mist Village
Hundred Seals2:45Training Grounds
Isobu Jin9:45Mist Village
Itachi7:15Forest of Death
Kabutowari9:10Mist Village
Kiba Blades9:20Mist Village
Kokou Jin11:45Rock Village
Konan4:40Rain Village
Kunai Blade6:40Sand Village
Kurama Jin6:10Leaf Village
Lightning Style: Rakiri Blade3:55Leaf Village
Matatabi Jin8:10Cloud Village
Mifune7:45Cloud Village
Multi-Shadow Clone12:25Leaf Village
Namikaze: Rasengan4:15Leaf Village
Nuibari9:30Mist Village
Omoi Blade7:55Cloud Village
Pain9:45Rain Village
Peekaboo Jutsu11:20Training Grounds
Raijin Kunai3:10Leaf Village
Rasen Shuriken Toss2:45Cloud Village
Rasen Shuriken Rush2:45Leaf Village
Reaper Death Seal8:25Forest of Death
Saiken Jin10:10Mist Village
Samehada1:10Akatsuki Base
Savage Blade11:25Rock Village
Senju Raijin6:15Leaf Village
Seven Heavenly Breaths6:45Sand Village
Shadow Clone Barrage4:40Leaf Village
Shibuki12:10Mist Village
Shippuden Kusanagi5:25Rock Village
Shisui Tanto5:45Forest of Death
Shukaku Jin6:50Sand Village
Slug Sage5:20Rock Village
Snake Sage2:35Rock Village
Son Goku Jin11:30Rock Village
Super Odama Rasengan2:45Forest of Death
Sword of Thunder5:50Sand Village
Thousand Years1:50Training Grounds
Toad Sage2:45Leaf Village
Triple Bladed Scythe12:40Akatsuki Base
Two Bladed Scythe11:40Rock Village
Vanishing Rasengan4:25Forest of Death
White Fang Tanto2:20Training Grounds
Wind Style: Odama Rasengan1:30Training Grounds