Rocket Arena characters guide – Who are they, and what are their abilities?

Prepare for battle with our heroes guide.

Rocket Arena characters guide

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Rocket Arena propels itself onto PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 14. Like other multiplayer games, EA’s 3-on-3 shooter comes equipped with its own playable character roster, and each hero has their own style of fighting and unique abilities.

If you want to get the lowdown on who each character is, and what their powers are, before Rocket Arena launches, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn about the heroes you’ll be playing as.

How many heroes are there in Rocket Arena?

There will be 10 playable characters at launch. EA and developer Final Strike Games will add a new hero every season for free, but for now, there are enough heroes for you to choose from.

Each hero has a primary, secondary, and special ability — listed below, respectively — and they are unique to their character’s world region and class. Read on to get an insight into each hero.


Rocket Arena characters guide
Image via EA

The pride of Crater’s underwater region — Crystal Reef — Amphora is a speedy, frontline striker whose abilities are naturally based on water. Intrigued by the giant crystal at the center of her home — the Star of Crater — Amphora hopes to unlock its secrets and learn about its powers.

  • Charged Torpedo – Hold to charge for increased speed and damage
  • Hydro Form – Morph into a pool of water, and reactivate to launch opponents into the air in a powerful cyclone
  • Bouncy Mines – Launch three bouncing and homing mines


Rocket Arena characters guide
Image via EA

Every good multiplayer game needs a pirate-themed character. Blastbeard is your archtypal one for Rocket Arena and, while he has already won the Rocket Arena Tour before, he can’t remember where he last saw the iconic trophy. Unable to locate it, he comes out of retirement, from Crater’s Edge, to take on today’s would-be heroes in an effort to reclaim his crown.

  • Rocket Cannonball – Arcing and high impact shot
  • Charged Anchor – Charge and fire a hard-hitting rocket anchor
  • Shockwave – Knock back opponents and destroy incoming rockets


Rocket Arena characters guide
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A native of The Wilds and a long ranger master, Boone is on the hunt for the legendary Megadon. Joined by his pet Zik, the duo team up to track down this elusive creature and earn themselves a trophy along the way.

  • Blunderblast – Ricocheting short-range cluster bomb
  • Megadon Scope – Zoom in to fire a richocheting sniper rocket
  • Zik’s Vortex – Set off a wind vortex that sends Boone backwards and sends opponents flying


Rocket Arena characters guide
Image via EA

Hailing from Gemstone Jungle, Izell is a fierce fighter who prefers close combat. Her parents both won the Rocket Arena Tour, so she hopes to live up to their name and become a second-generation winner of the grand championship. Best used against weakened opponents and pushing areas with her nimbleness.

  • Spear Rockets – short-range and quick-firing rockets
  • Bola Snare – Pulls opponents in close before firing a Spear Rocket at them
  • Jaaqua Charge – Hold to aim before lunging forward for a frenzied attack


Rocket Arena characters guide
Image via EA

A native of Boom City, Jayto is the current champion. Whether you believe that he won it fair and square, or by a complete fluke, doesn’t matter. What does is that Jayto is back to defend his crown and prove he’s a worthy winner. An exceptional all-rounder that newcomers will want to pick as their first character.

  • Skypiercer Rockets – a single fire but accurate barrage of rockets
  • Rocket Swarm – Barrage of mini rockets
  • Thruster Suit – Temporarily boots mobility and Skypiercer Rockets


Rocket Arena characters guide
Image via EA

A nimble fighter whose attacks are ice-based, Kayi is a princess who fled her kingdom in Serrata Peaks after her family were overthrown. Rumors believe that she’ll return to reclaim her throne, but for bow, her sole focus is on winning the Rocket Arena Tour.

  • Charged Bolt – A precise bolt that can be charged to shoot faster and farther
  • Snow Globe – A deployed globe that slows incoming fire. Charged Shots from inside the globe hit harder and travel faster
  • Grapple Hook – Grapple to nearby surfaces or hook opponents directly


Rocket Arena characters guide
Image via EA

An illusionist from Conjura, Mysteen, is all about creating deception. A master of magic, Mysteen uses her powers in combat to confuse her foes before dealing damage with the spells she learned growing up back home.

  • Card Rockets – An accurate single shot, but every third consecutive attack fires three rounds
  • Mirror Shield – Deflects incoming rockets
  • Phantasm – Throws up a decoy. Reactivate to swap places with the Mysteen double


Rocket Arena characters guide
Image via EA

A Rocketbot repairman by trade, Plink is new to the world of Rocket Arena. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some tricks up his sleeve, however, and this short-range skirmisher will have to be watched carefully by all who cross his path.

  • Scrap Rockets – Rapid-fire homing rockets that are most effective at short-range
  • Boomerang – Ricochets off walls before returning
  • Skedaddle Ball – A throwable teleporter. Reactivate to teleport to its location and hurt nearby enemies


Rocket Arena characters guide
Image via EA

A fierce fighter who hails from The Boiler. Nobody from this area of Crater has ever won the championship, but Rev has ambitions on changing that. Equipped with an unstoppable hoverboard, she’ll be a match for most on the battlefield.

  • Double Whammy – Rapid-fire explosive rockets that alternate between Rev’s twin weapons
  • Mag Mines – Sticky mines that attach to surfaces or opponents
  • Shatter Slam – Activates Shatterboard and allows you to kick foes with your board


Rocket Arena characters guide
Image via EA

A veteran of the championship tour, Topnotch is the hero of Fort Rocket and the Rocketbot Uprising. Topnotch resides on the Golden Zephyr, Crater’s most famous airship, and has won the championship on two previous occasions. An expert in long-range combat.

  • Bouncing Beauty – A bouncing grenade. Hold the fire trigger to delat its detonation
  • Artillery Salute – Call down an airstrike
  • Zephyr Strike – Lock onto opponents and fire a giant homing rocket