How to rank up in Rocket League – Ranking system guide

Looking to get in Rocket League competitively? Read our guide so you know what you are getting into.

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Whether you are a Rocket League veteran or a rookie, competitive play is a great outlet to constantly better yourself in the arena. Like every game with a competitive mode, Rocket League has its own tiered system to separate the players at the top from the pretenders. Here is everything to know about ranking up in Rocket League.

Rocket League: competitive ranking system guide

Before you can actually get yourself in a Rocket League competitive tier, you need to play ten placement matches. How you play in these games will determine where you will start your competitive journey. No worries if you places you in a lower tier, you always have a chance to better yourself.

There are 20 total tiers you can find yourself in. They are

  • Unranked
  • Bronze I, II, and III
  • Silver I, II, and III
  • Gold I , II, and III
  • Platinum I, II, and III
  • Diamond I, II and III
  • Champion I, II, and III
  • And finally, the highest rank, Grand Champion

There are also four divisions in each level that has a numbered level. If you fall from the first division, you will find yourself in the fourth division of the previous tier. For example, if you continually lose at Gold II, Division I, you will find yourself in Gold I, Division IV.

Your Matchmaking Rank, or MMR, decides your rank while matching you up against players of similar MMR for the most fair games possible. This is a hidden number that the game gives you depending on your wins and losses in relation to the competition you face. Whatever number that is, decides the rank you are in. Simply win to increase your MMR, while losing will make it drop. If you beat an opponent who has a higher MMR than you, you will gain a bigger boost than if you beat someone with a lower number. Goals, saves, and other in-game stats have no bearing on your MMR.

To make sure that not too many people are highly rated, the needed MMR ratings are constantly changing depending on how many people are in each tier. As of Season 13, if you are in a party, the groups MMR will be stacked closer to the player with the highest MMR.

At the end of each season, the highest rank you hit will decide what cosmetics you unlock for your profile. There are eight current competitive modes you can play. They are

  • Standard (3v3)
  • Doubles (2v2)
  • Solo Duel (1v1)
  • Solo Standard (3v3, no parties)
  • Hoops (2v2, basketball)
  • Snow Day (3v3, hockey)
  • Dropbox (3v3, break the floor on your opponents side)
  • And Rumble (3v3, each player gets a power every 10 seconds)

Each competitive mode has its own ranking system. If you play your ten matches in 2v2 matches, you will need to play ten matches in 1v1, and so on. Some people find they play better in team matches than on their own. If you have friends that you enjoy playing with, jump into games with them, or try solos if you are feeling confident.

As you climb ranks, you will face tougher competition. You will need to learn to better yourself to keep going up. In particular, learn how to juggle the ball in the air and use the arena’s walls to your advantage.