SCUM Map: Locations of Military Bunkers, Towns With Police Stations And More

SCUM has a very large playing area, for those who don’t know it’s 12×12 km or 144 square kilometers. If you want to be a good player, you should know some basic locations of the map to improve your looting ability and also making wise decisions otherwise, you might not survive as easily because you are not looting the right locations. It is also useful to know where are some cities, for example when a friend asks you where are you, and you can tell him the exact location for example: “I am in Gorica right now, but I am heading towards Lokve and we could meet at the Dam.” So if you have some time for research, and you want to improve your overall map knowledge, you should look at the map for some time and discover the names and locations you did not know so far.

SCUM Map Locations - Police Stations, Towns, And More

Okay, now let’s get to these maps. It might seem a bit confusing at the start, but after reading these few sentences you will understand everything, trust me it’s really easier than it looks. So the basic thing you will need is regular towns, towns are marked with white color, but those with police stations are colored blue. Points of interest are colored orange, Airfield or Gun Range for example. Underground military bunkers are marked with very small red circles, you might think it’s hard to tell a friend which one you mean, but that’s not so true. Here is only one military bunker for a sector, so you can tell him the sector you are in and he can already find the bunker here.

SCUM Map – Marked Locations: Police Stations, Towns, & More

1: This map is with grid lines every 1 km, might help you to calculate how long will the trip take.


  • White: Towns
  • Blue: Towns With Police Stations
  • Orange: Points of Interest
  • Red (Small): Military Bunkers (Underground)
  • Map Size: 12X12 KM

2: This is the same map as above, but this one has a grid every 3 km, it might be more transparent one.


3: And the last one is just a regular map without all the points of interest and underground military bunkers.


Source: Steam User Fadez