SCUM Food Guide | How To Find Food And Avoid Starvation

What you’ll find almost immediately when you begin your journey across SCUM’s post-apocalyptic landscape is that you get hungry pretty quickly. When it comes to SCUM, nutrition is incredibly important to your character so finding the right foods and finding a lot of them is sometimes more important than getting the best guns or armor.

SCUM Food Guide - How And Where To Find Food

Tips And Tricks To Avoid Starvation

Lucky for you, there are patches that are randomly placed in backyards and villages all over the map that have a surplus of fruits and vegetables for you to plunder and get those calories back up. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can craft a few Wooden Spears and go out hunting for wild animals. When killed and butchered, wild animals provide a LOT of food so make sure you have plenty of backpack space for all that meat.


When moving from one part of the map to another it also pays to keep a close eye on the ground as all different kinds of mushrooms can pop up underfoot which makes for a good snack if your calories are looking low and you’re nowhere near a village or any wild animals.


As an alternative, if you have nerves of steel the militarised areas can sometimes provide a good selection of MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat) that give more substantial benefits above mushrooms and vegetables. But that is only if you are brave enough to loot there. But if that fails you may have to resort to the most unreliable way to get food which is to raid villages, open every container, tear open every garbage bag. You might get lucky and find a chocolate bar or some canned food but you may end up checking every container in every house for quite some time. Also if you are low on resources and think death may come for you soon, don’t fret too much. When your Energy and Hydration is low, your attributes will take a substantial hit but your Health Pool won’t be affected until you reach a higher phase of starvation.


Overall the metabolism system may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it and know where to find food it can be very satisfying. Managing your calorie intake and output efficiently definitely makes for a more unique take on realistic survival in this game genre.