Sea of Stars: All Chest Locations, Secrets & Minigames in Port Town of Brisk

Find every Sea of Stars treasure, secret and mini game in Port Town of Brisk. Here are all the places top look for on your journey.

All secrets port town of brisk

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Port Town of Brisk is the first city bustling with life in Sea of Stars. This lively city’s got it all: taverns, traders, games, and hidden treasures. While the game hides treasure chests in its darkest of corners, a pirate town sounds like the perfect place to look for them.

Port Town of Brisk may not be massive in size, but every frame offers a secret to discover and an area to explore. This guide covers every chest and secret to unearth in Port Town of Brisk.

Every Chest Location in Port Town of Brisk in Sea of Stars

All chests port town of brisk
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There are numerous chests to discover in the Port Town of Brisk in Sea of Stars. Here is where you can find them and what you’ll receive by opening the chest.

Power BeltIn a house rooftop, right to the fish fountain.
50x GoldBehind Mr. Chests’ house.
30x GoldIn front of Mr. Chests’ house, dropping down to the lower platform.
Arcane AmuletEastern side house rooftop, in front of the tavern.
Shiny PearlHouse rooftop near the center area.
Rainbow ConchWest corner, on the beach.
Pirate GarbUp the stairs in front of the merchant area, take a left and inspect the rooftop.

Sea of Stars: All Minigames in Port Town of Brisk

The Port of Brisk is home to a handful of minigames. Each one offers a different game to partake in.

Mr. Chests Minigame
Edward’s Spin the Wheel

Sea of Stars: All Secrets in Port of Brisk

Complete fish boat side quest sea of stars
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Near the west coast, swim off the shore to run into a kiddo in a boat. Though his father has a fervent passion for fishing, the kid just wants to get 40 fish so they can leave this boat. Help him gather the 40 fish to get one more Rainbow Conch.