Sea of Stars Gear: How to Unlock All Weapons & Armor

Having the best weapons and armor in Sea of Stars will help you when battles start to get rough. Here is how to find it.

sea of stars all armor list

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Sea of Stars harmoniously blends defensive and offensive gameplay. However, too often, you’ll find your party members flat dead on the ground, having to restart from a previous save. There are many ways to increase your chances of success in battle like using relics and working on character builds.

Nevertheless, the surefire route lies in top-notch gear. A better sword or staff will add some nice bonus damage status, while an upgraded armor piece can offer more protection on the battlefield. Unearth weapons, armor, and trinkets via vendors or concealed chests, all explained in this comprehensive guide.

All Weapons in Sea of Stars & How to Get Them

sea of stars all weapons list
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Weapons can be obtained through merchants or chests. In most cases, the same weapons available for purchase will also be hidden away in some chest nearby, so exploring can save some gold.

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Each character can wear one weapon type only. Valere can only wear staves, while Zale can only wear swords.

GearHow to Get It
Squire SwordMountain Trail Merchant
Copper StaffMountain Trail Merchant
Rock LidMoorlands chests
Miner’s SmockStonemason’s Merchant
Silver SwordPort of Brisk Town Merchant
Teal Amber StaffPort of Brisk Town Merchant
Scrimshawed SwordLucent Merchant
Calcite LidLucent Merchant
Shimmering DaggersFlooded Graveyard Chests
Shimmering StaffWraith Island Solstice Shrine Chests
Shimmering SwordWraith Island Solstice Shrine Chests
Osseous StaffFlooded Graveyard Chests
Coral StaffDocarri Village Merchant
Coral SwordDocarri Village Merchant
Coral DaggersDocarri Village Merchant
Phantom DaggersTorment Peak Chests
Ornate BoAutumn Hills Merchant
Maple CorkAutumn Hills Merchant
Truesilver DaggersCloud Kingdom Chests
Shroomy ShivsCloud Kingdom Merchant
Bamboo SlicerCloud Kingdom Merchant
Phosphorite LidCloud Kingdom Merchant
Cypress CorkWind Temple Chests
Ingeous StaffKiln Mountain Chests
Kybersteel DaggersDerelict Factory Chests
Rosewood CorkSky Base Chests
Plasma DaggersSky Base Chests
Adamantine StaffRepine Merchant
Kybersteel BladeRepine Merchant

All Armor in Sea of Stars & How to Get Them

sea of stars all gear list
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Armor pieces will appear in chests and merchant stores more frequently than weapons. This happens because all party members can wear any piece of armor. There are no “heavy,” “medium,” or “light” armor tags; it’s a one-size-fits-all situation.

ArmorHow to Get It
Adventurer’s VestAcademy Chests
Basic Armor Mountain trail chests
Ancient Molekin CloakStonekin Mason chests
Pirate GarbPort of Brisk Town chests
Mage-Knight ArmorAncient Wizard’s Lab, Yellow Portal chest
Bone ArmorLucent Merchant
Spectral CapeFlooded Graveyard Chests
Docarri ArmorDocarri Village Merchant
Pearlescent ApronDocarri Village Merchant
Thalassic CloakAntsudlo Chests
Oaken ArmorAutumn Hills Chests
Leaf CapeSongshroom Marsh Chests
Azure CapeWind Temple Chests
Volcanic ArmorKiln Mountain Chests
Wireplate ArmorDerelict Factory Chests
Cloudy SimulacrumSacrosanct Spires Chests
Sparkmesh ArmorSacrosanct Spires Chests
Sparkmesh CapeSky Base Chests
Plainshell VestRepine Merchant
Dull SimulacrumRepine Merchant
Chipped Glass FistRepine Merchant