Sea of Stars: All Music Sheets Locations

Sea of Stars has some amazing music, and finding music sheets gives you more ways to enjoy them. Here are all the locations.


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If you’re a fan of Sea of Stars’ soundtrack, then you’ll be delighted to hear that the tunes you’re playing to have also been turned into collectible items. Music sheets are found throughout the game, and they unlock additional tracks for players to enjoy. And thanks to the pirate band players meet, they are treated to full, live instrument versions of the game’s music.

To help you find these musical treasures, we’ve put together this guide with all the details on where to find the music sheets in Sea of Stars, including where you can enjoy listening to them.

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What Are the Music Sheets in Sea of Stars?

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The music sheets are a collectible in Sea of Stars that players can find on their adventure. Each one you discover will contain multiple tracks and will often be the music of the area or moment in the story.

As you find these music sheets, you can hand them to Yolande, one of the pirate friends you meet on your journey. Doing so will unlock additional music tracks that the pirate band — which players meet during the game — will play when you visit a tavern or your ship. Players can then enjoy renditions of these tracks with live instruments and choose which they want to listen to while they play a game of Wheels in the tavern or talk with their party.

All Music Sheet Locations in Sea of Stars

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Below, we have listed all the music sheets we have currently found in Sea of Stars, with details on their locations so you can find them as easily as possible.

Music Sheet #1Found in Mooncradle.

Head to the right of town and up and around the ledges, then walk across the archway at the entrance to the town. You’ll find a chest on the other side with the music sheet.
Music Sheet #2Found in the Haunted Manor.

After clearing all the vine walls and the Botanical Horror, you can enter a door to the left of the boss room. You will find the chest with the music sheet inside.
Music Sheet #3Can be purchased from the merchant in Mirth once you have the store building plans and the Merchant has moved there.Sea_of_Stars_Music_Sheet_3_Location
Music Sheet #4Can be purchased from the merchant in Autumn Falls. They are found in a cave between two rocks as you make your way through the area.Sea_of_Stars_Music_Sheet_4_Location
Music Sheet #5Found on the Glacial Peak.

During the early parts of this area, you will find a moveable ice block you should push to the end of its path. Then climb up onto a small alcove and you will find the chest.
Music Sheet #6Found in the Cloud Kingdom.

Available from the merchant found after teleporting using the second crystal-like structure.
Music Sheet #7Found in Sky Base.

Found next to the save point after solving the battery puzzle.