Sea of Stars: How to Complete Eastern Solstice Shrine

Solving the Solstice Shrines in Sea of Stars can net you some helpful items, and this guide will details how to complete the Eastern Solstice Shrine.


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Solstice Shrines are one of the many challenges players can complete in Sea of Stars, and doing so will unlock powerful items and contribute towards a challenge in the late game that can net you some of the best equipment in the game.

Some of these Solstice Shrines can be a bit tricky to complete, and in the case of the Eastern Solstice Shrine, it can be a bit confusing to figure out how to solve its puzzle. To help you get through it with ease, we’ve put this guide together with details on where the Eastern Solstice Shrine is, how to access it, and how to complete it.

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Where to Find the Eastern Solstice Shrine

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The Eastern Solstice Shrine is found in the Home World in the top right corner of the map, next to Mesa Island and just below Settler’s Island.

To get to this shrine, you must have progressed right towards the end of the game and unlocked the flying ability to get to this island, as it is inaccessible otherwise. Once you can do that, you can land on the island and enter whenever you want.

How to Complete Eastern Solstice Shrine

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Completing this Solstice Shrine requires you to use the eclipse ability throughout the puzzle and move the time of day to affect certain puzzle elements and reach the chest.

The main trick here is to keep track of where you have been and to know where the time of day is set during the puzzle, as you will be swapping back and forth quite a bit, and it can get a bit confusing when you can’t see the eclipse pillar. To make sure you get it right the first time, we’ve laid out a step-by-step on how to complete this shrine.

Sea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_1Step onto the button right in front of you when you enter to raise the eclipse pillar.

Shine the eclipse light on the left side lights, this will cause vines to grow, which you can climb up to the platform above.
Sea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_2Press the button here, and the first light will turn on near the chest.
Sea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_3Move the eclipse light to the right side and light the lights. This will cause a platform to pop out of the wall just next to you where the vine was.
Sea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_4Jump across to the center platform, move the eclipse light again to the left side, and regrow the vines, with a new one next to you to climb up.
Sea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_5Climb up the vine, and you will see a lever to the left side. Go to the lever, pull it, and a small platform will appear in the bottom right of the wall, giving you access to the button there.

Head down, press the button, and another light will turn on at the chest.
Sea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_6Now, climb the vine next to the button, and jump down to the lever here, which will extend some wooden platforms from the wall.
Sea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_7Jump down to the left, climb up the center vine, and then change the eclipse to the right side, which will cause the platform you are on (with the purple side) to come out of the wall and give you access to the wooden platform.

Platform over, press the button, and the last light will turn on.
Sea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_8Jump down, grab the chest, and get the Heliacal Earrings Accessory as your reward.