Sea of Thieves Animal Locations | Where to Find and Capture Animals


The world of Sea of Thieves is full of life.

Players attempting to rise through the ranks in the Merchant’s Alliance in Sea of Thieves will need to know the world like the back of their hand. The quests offered by the Alliance are all timed, meaning you must collect a set amount of goods and deliver them to a specific location in order to receive any reward.

Pigs, Chickens, and Snakes are a highly sought after commodity in the Sea of Thieves and merchants will pay you huge amounts of gold for delivering them safely to any of the many outposts. Knowledge is power to the Merchant’s Alliance, so knowing where these animals are is vital.

Animal Locations


Screengrab via Rare

Pigs are a common animal in the game and can be found on nearly every island. They are located mainly on the shores, so before stopping at an island, just look at the beach. If there is no pig there, move onto the next island.


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Chickens seem to be found on larger islands such as Barnacle Cay, Old Faithful Isle, and Twin Groves and are located either near the beach or in the centre. Chickens are usually in groups, so keep your ears open for a clucking sound in case they are hiding in bushes.


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Snakes can be found on any island with grass and rocks and are mainly around islands with skeleton enemies on them. Snakes are quite difficult to find but can be heard through their hissing sound, which signals an impending attack.

Catching an animal

To catch an animal, make sure you are carrying its cage. You’ll then need to chase after it and hold either RT on a controller or left click on a mouse long enough for it to be collected.

Getting an animal out of its cage

Sadly, the only known way to remove an animal immediately from its cage, if you pick up the wrong variant, is to kill it. Pigs, chickens, and snakes can all be swiped at with a sword for a quick kill.

You could also take the animal back to an Outpost to sell it if you have time and pick up another coop or cage from a Merchant’s Alliance quest giver. You’ll then need to head back to the ocean to find another island that houses the animal you are after.

Keeping the animals safe

Each animal needs love and care on your voyage to keep it from dying.

Animals, of course, can’t breathe underwater for long periods of time, so make sure to keep the cage above head when swimming and keep the animals above deck on your ship to avoid the possibility of them drowning if your ship gets filled with water.

Pigs are a special breed of animal in the game, and they will need constant feeding to keep them alive. Every now and again, remember to feed the Pig a banana to keep it from suddenly dying.

If you are being sent off on a quest to get multiple animals, it might be best to save the pigs for last to avoid them eating all your bananas.