Sea of Thieves – How To Equip A Pet


Sea of Thieves isn’t all about piracy and sailing the sea in search of treasure; it is also about responsible pet ownership! You don’t want to get a pet and then leave it behind! You need to take it on your pirate adventures with you. In this guide, we will show you how.

Sea of Thieves – How To Equip A Pet

To equip a pet, follow the below steps:

  • Make sure you are in an active Arena or Adventure session.
  • Go to the Pet Chest. This can be found on the lower decks of your ship, or outside the Pirate Emporium store located at any Outpost. In Adventure Mode, the Pirate Emporium can be found above the Order of Souls Company.
  • High the pet that you wish to equip.
  • Press Enter on your keyboard, or A on the Xbox Controller to select the pet.
  • Close the interface by hitting Esc on your keyboard, or B on your Xbox Controller.
  • Your pet should no be nearby!
  • To unequip your pet, just return to the Pet Chest to do so.

And that’s it, your pet is now equipped and will accompany you on your travels. Remember, you can carry your pets or place them in various places around your ship. You can even put them into a cannon and fire them off into the distance if you are feeling particularly mean. Don’t worry, though, your pet with a teleport back to you as soon as it lands.