Sea of Thieves stuck on reporting for duty, explained

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Some players may attempt to jump into Sea of Thieves and find themselves encountering the error that they are stuck on a screen that says reporting for duty. The loading screen will continually load with no clear sign of when it will let up until an error code shows up. The game won’t launch, and players have to choose between waiting it out or end the application. Here are a few ideas of what’s going on, and you might fix it.

For those experiencing the issue, an excellent way to get around this error is to close down the application, make sure you have administrator access to the application, and then load it up again. To find the application on your desktop, you can search for it on your toolbar, or drag it to the main desktop area. Right-click the application, and give yourself administrator access. Once you do that, try to load up the game again, and it should provide you with access to Sea of Thieves.

If you continue to experience this issue, you can verify the game files on Steam. You can do this by scrolling to the game application in your library, right-clicking it, going to properties, and then clicking to the local files tab. From there, choose the “verify the integrity of game files,” which will go through all of the game files to ensure all of them are correctly installed. Should it continue not to work, you may want to down the route of uninstalling and reinstalling to see if this assists with the error code issue.

Another course of action you could do is make sure your computer is registering you for the correct region. Hit the Windows key and type in Region & Legion, and change your Language and Region to English (United States) and then rebooting your computer. If it’s already set to this option, try setting it to English (United Kingdom), and restart your computer.

For those playing Sea of Thieves through the Microsoft Store and multiple accounts attached to it, you may want to remove all of those profiles and only use the one you want to play on. The various accounts could be throwing the software off.

If none of these solutions help solve the issue, you may need to reach out to the Sea of Thieves support team to try and find a more personalized solution. You can reach out to them on their Support Page to submit a ticket or browse the several support articles they have created to assist players who are having trouble.