All Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5


Devil May Cry 5 is out right now, and you’re meant to play through it multiple times. Not only to play through it on a higher difficulty, but you’re also going to want to keep an eye out for the secrets hidden throughout the game. We’ve already found all 12 secret missions for you to test your skills with, so get ready to try your hand at some harder gameplay.

You’ll notice that the further the game gets, the more complicated the secret missions become.

All 12 Secret Missions

Secret Mission 1: Main Mission 2

You’re going to find the first secret mission during the second campaign mission, and you’re going to be playing as Nero at this point. The room containing the secret is right after Nero uses the Nidhogg Hatchling. When you jump in the mission, your task is to kill all of the enemies that spawn before the timer runs out. Because it’s the first secret mission, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it.

Secret Mission 2: Main Mission 3

The next one is not as straightforward to locate as the last. You’re going to find it in the third campaign mission, and you’re playing as Nero, again. You’ll be in the subway tunnels with different exits, one takes your through the rest of the mission, and the other is a fire exit; you want to make the fire exit and go down the stairs. From here, you should enter a small tunnel, which you’re going to follow until you get blocked by a gate. Turn around, and you should find the mission. This mission requires you to prevent any Red Empusa from escaping.

Secret Mission 3: Main Mission 4

We’re switching things up this time around and playing as V. During the fourth campaign mission you’re going to find a Nidhogg Hatchling. However, you need to find a second one hidden in the level. Once you locate that Nidhogg Hatchling, proceed through the game as you normally would until you reach the point right before the boss. Now, you can use that Nidhogg Hatchling to go through the secret path. Follow it until you reach a room, where the next mission is. The task requires you to grab all of the Red Orbs that spawn.

Secret Mission 4: Main Mission 5

We’re up again as V for this mission, and you’re going to find it in the fifth campaign mission. The next secret area is going to be in a closed off area where full of shipping containers around V; there’s going to be a wall you can use Nightmare to destroy it. After he breaks the wall, you’re going to get into a brief fight, which shouldn’t take too much out of you and you’re going to want to go up a yellow staircase in the room. You’ll find the secret mission at the top. The secret mission has you killing all of the demons without taking a hit.

Secret Mission 5: Main Mission 8

You’re going to have to wait for a few missions before the next secret. However, if you have mission select unlocked you can go there any time. You’re going to find it while you’re on the second elevator. When you’re standing on it, look for a platform that shows up on your right side, and you should see targets you can hit with your grapple. Hit those, and continue climbing until you reach the top where you’ll find the next mission. This secret mission is a little more tricky because you have to get to the target without touching the ground. Good luck.

Secret Mission 6: Main Mission 9

We’re back to playing as V. Luckily; you can find this secret at the start of the ninth campaign mission. At the beginning, you want to go down the street off to the side, where it leads you to a dead end. This is where you’re going to summon Nightmare to destroy another wall, opening a path for you where you’re going to get into a fight. Following the battle, go down the road to the left. Again, you’ll have to summon Nightmare to destroy the barriers in your way and then jump up on top of the wall. In this secret mission, you’re going to eliminate all of the enemies within 20 seconds.

Secret Mission 7: Main Mission 10

We’re going to do this next one as everyone’s favorite Demon Hunter, Dante. You’re going to find this later on in the mission, and it’s easy to miss. Near the end, you’re going to be in a room with different doorways, immediately after a fight. The one on the left takes you forward to the mission, but you want to go through the one on the right. Go through the door, and you should find your way to the secret mission. In this one, you’re going to have to target the Death Scissor’s weak point and take them out with a single shot.

Secret Mission 8: Main Mission 11

The next secret mission feels pretty easy for you to find. You’re going to see it after Dante destroys the first blood sac, following the collapsing tower. Turn around and make your way back to the entrance you came through. You should see it a short distance away. While the secret mission was easy to find, getting it is a different story. In this one, you must maintain an S-rank during the encounter. It’s a good idea to come back to this one when Dante has all of his weapons unlocked.

Secret Mission 9: Main Mission 12

You’ll find this secret mission after you’ve unlocked the hidden location underneath the statue. Proceed through the caverns, and go through until you reach the point you’re about to leave. Turn around at the base of the staircase, and find the ledge hanging out only a little. Jump up to grab the ridge, and you should locate the secret mission shortly after. In this one, you do not want to receive any damage.

Secret Mission 10: Main Mission 14

This secret mission is found close to the end after you’ve destroyed the second tree root. Once you take it out, hoist V over the ledge where the root was previously located and look behind. You should see it not too far away. In this one, you want to reach the goal before time runs out. Make sure you know V’s jumping mechanics and you hit them at the right time.

Secret Mission 11: Main Mission 15

You have almost finished all of the secret missions. This last one is found behind the time statue. Find the figure, and jump behind it where you’re going to find yourself surrounded by Punch Line Devil Breakers. You’re going to need them to fly around using your Devil Breaker, and if you don’t know how to do that, we have a guide for you. After you have Nero flying on it, follow the track on the path and proceed upwards. You should find the secret mission near the end. In this secret mission you need to maintain an S-rank throughout the fight, so make sure you understand how to play Nero.

Secret Mission 12: Main Mission 16

You’re going to find the final secret mission after Dante’s second arena fight. In the second arena locate a small area where you should see several power-ups Dante can use to heal and obtain additional strength. Continue down, carefully, and search for a small opening next to them. You should see the final secret mission from the hole in the wall, and you can jump through. In this mission, you need to acquire a suitable amount of red orbs.