Secrets of London Locations: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Godlike Achievement

Every single one.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Image via Ubisoft

Secrets of London are part of the collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. To find them you need to solve a series of riddles. Once you collect all the secret locations you’ll unlock the Aegis Outfit for Evie. Here, we have all the Secrets of London Locations in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

There are 32 Secrets of London in the game. You need to track them all down and once you’ve collected them all bring them back to the Reuge’s Vault to unlock the Godlike trophy/achievement and the Aegis Outfit for Evie.

There are two ways to hunt for these secret music boxes, either you use your eagle vision and hear them when close enough or there is a map available at the E-Store which will cost you real money. So to save you money and effort, you can find all the locations for Secrets in London below.

As we mentioned above there are 32 Secrets in London, they can be found in the following locations: Whitechapel(4), City of London(4), Thames(4), Southwark(4), The Strand(4), Westminster/Buckingham (7), and Reuge’s Vault.

Remember, the below descriptions and maps will get you there, but make sure you use your eagle vision to make life a lot easier when you are close.

Reuge’s Vault

This Box is obtained during the cutscene when Entering the Reuge’s Vault.


  • 26 – Can be found on a grave, at the south of the Church of St. Mary Matefelon.
  • 18 – Can be found on the roof of a house.
  • 29 – Can be found on the ground in the alleys between the two shops.
  • 22 – Can be found at a wooden hut near the train tracks.

City of London

  • 17 – Can be found on the roof of a building.
  • 11 – Can be found on a low roof near the rear of a building beside the train tracks.
  • 2 – On a stool outside a shop.
  • 23 – On a bench close to the east side of the park.


  • 21 – On a bench about half way down the bridge.
  • 14 – On a roof near the shop.
  • 20 – On a ledge near the supporting pillars.
  • 3 – On top of a small boat.

The Strand

  • 25 – On a small balcony near the southern edge of all the buildings.
  • 10 – On a roof in one of the lean-tos that someone has built there.
  • 16 – The south wing of the large building in Covent Gardens, under some stairs.
  • 07 – West of St Pancras, you can find it on a table near a gazebo.


  • 09 – On a barrel near a crane.
  • 12 – On a crate, on the roof of the building at the intersection.
  • 24 – On some scaffolding near the raised train tracks.
  • 27 – On the ground near a big metal struture.‚Äč


  • 13 – On a bench near the river.
  • 28 – On a balcony of the final building near the river.
  • 31 – On the ground near the houses at the trainstation.
  • 32 – Can be found on the roof the buildings.
  • 30 – Can be found on a tree stump.
  • 04 – Can be found on a crate surrounded by trees.
  • 01 – Can be found on a bench near the hut.


  • 19 – Can be found on a tree stump at the north of the park.
  • 06 – Can be found on some old rope near the water.
  • 05 – Can be found on a roof.
  • 08 – Climb up from the fast travel point on the chimey to find it.

Once you have collected them all, return to the Reuge’s Vault and insert all the discs, then pull out the music box and it will reveal the piece of Aegis.