Sekiro: Where To Find Snap Seeds

Shadows Die Twice

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you’re not always going to have an overflow of items in your inventory. Many of the tools you use in the game are going to come to you in limited amounts, meaning you need to know when and where to use something. If you’re never going to find yourself in a situation where you cannot progress because you need something, but it may make a fight or an encounter much more difficult. One of the rare items is Snap Seeds, which breaks Sekiro out of an Illusion. In this guide, we detail where you can find them all in the game.

Snap Seed Locations

Ashina Depths

You’re going to find one Snap Seed location in the Ashina Depths, and it’s over by the Mist Noble, who is playing the flute. You’re going to find that when you use the Snap Seed to dispel the entire area, the illusion lifts and you’re going to see location for what it is.

Ashina Outskirts

You’re going to find several Snap Seeds in this region, all in one convenient location. However, the best way to locate them is after you’ve stabbed the Great Serpent. After you struck the creature and recoils away, step out of your hiding location and proceed forward, up towards the small hill. You’ll find them hidden in a small bush, but because items glow they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

For those just beginning, you’ll want to make sure you obtain these before you go to face off against Lady Butterfly. You’ll need them during her second phase.

Sunken Valley

There are multiple locations in the Sunken Valley where you can find Snap Seeds. The first is going to be next to the Toxic Memorial Mob merchant, which you can see just before you enter the cave where you encounter the Serpent. You’ll find the drop nearby.

The next location is next to a Monkey, who appears to be praying to them. You can sneak behind the Monkey and quickly take it out, acquiring your prize. You’re going to find them immediately after you exit the cave, right before the statue you can grapple. A monkey drops behind you, so remain mindful of that.

One of the final locations to locate additional Snap Seeds is right before you enter the Gun Fort. You’re going run across the bridge after you fight the mini-boss, Snake Eyes, and you’ll find yourself now getting shot at. Dash across as quickly as you can and when you get across, look for a wooden platform. Grapple to it, and you’ll find additional Snap Seeds to add to your collection.


When you begin the end of the game, and you’ve chosen to disobey Owl’s Iron Code, you’re going to open the Divine Realm. The first boss in the area is the Corrupted Monk, which you previously met in Mibu Village. However, the Monk has significantly changed, with a slightly altered move set and now has three health bars. It’s a tough fight.

After you’ve defeated this boss, feel free to visit any Vendor, and they should all carry Snap Seeds for you to buy. You can buy as many as you’d like, and stock up, for those who plan to start a New Game plus run of this game.