Sekiro: How To Loot Enemies | How to Pick Up Money

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the new action game by From Software. It is a significant departure from the systems we are used to from their previous titles and, as such, it is okay to be confused by the little things. In Sekiro, you do not automatically pick up dropped loot from your enemies, but in this guide, we will show you how to loot them.

How To Loot Enemies

By holding the X button on your Xbox One controller, or the Square button on your PS4 controller, you will cause a small whirl of energy to form around your character. This will then loot all enemies around you.

Now, at the moment it is not obvious as to what the range of this mechanic is, but a little bit of experimentation will let you know how far it reaches. Loot will also stay on the ground for quite a while, so don’t feel too stressed about getting it picked up. Finish whatever fight you are in, ensure your safety, then go back and pick off the various pieces of loot that may have dropped.

You can also walk and run while performing this looting action, making it very easy just quickly to loot a group of dead enemies.

Make sure you loot often, as it is an easy way to earn money in the game! Now you know how to loot your enemies, best of luck fighting them!