Sekiro – Mask Fragment Guide

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is filled with all kinds of mysteries. One of those is the Mask Fragment. Where do you get it? How do you get it? What, exactly, does it do? At the moment I can answer two of those for you, and am still figuring out the third! Read on, to find out everything we know about the Mask Fragment.

How To Get The Mask Fragment

Mask Fragment #1

Mask Fragment: Right

This is a bit of process, but if you have been playing for a while, you may already have some of the steps complete. The first thing you will need is the Young Lord’s Bell Charm! This can be gotten in the Ashina Outskirts. After you fight the first miniboss, General Naomori Kawarada, move past the gate he was guarding and down to the left-hand side. Keep going until you reach a burned out building with an old lady in it. Talk to her, and she will give you the Bell Charm. If you reach a dying man asking about his mother, you have gone too far.

Now, head back to the Sculptor’s Temple, and offer the Charm to the statue of Buddha. This will whisk you away through time and space, to the Hirata Estate.

You will now find yourself at the Dragonspring Idol. Drop down the cliff, using the trees, and jump into the pond and swim to your right towards the rocky island that is there. You will find a strange vendor in a barrel, and he will, eventually, sell you the Mask Fragment: Right.

In order to purchase it, you will need to find 7 of the 15 Treasure Carp Scales in the game!

Mask Fragment #2

Mask Fragment: Dragon

To get the second part of the mask, you will need to wait until you reach the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Idol. There will be a vendor is a small tent beside it. You can purchase the second part of the mask, the Mask Fragment: Dragon, from them for 5000 gold.

Mask Fragment #3 (Spoiler Warning)

It is very difficult to describe where and how you get this without some pretty serious spoilers. As such, stop reading right this second if you want to avoid such things. Still reading? Then I assume you don’t mind!

When you reach the Fountainhead Palace, you will need to swim into a large body of water. This will unlock the Palace Grounds Idol. From here, go into the building and make your way out the gate that had previously been locked. Turn right near the stream and then grapple up to the cave above. At the end of the cave path you will find a vendor who will sell the last part of the mask for 12 Treasure Carp Scales.

What Does The Mask Fragment Do?

The Dancing Dragon Mask that is made up of the Mask Fragments is actually a pretty useful item. It allows you to convert skill points into attack power, via the Idol menu. This is surprisingly useful, as you may have all the skills you need to compliment your playstyle, and can then turn the rest into attack power which will help you defeat enemies!