Sekiro – Precious Bait Guide, Truly Precious Bait, and the Great Colored Carp Quest

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, precious bait is an item you can use in the game’s final area, The Fountainhead Palace. It is an important item if you want to help out either of the Carp Scale Vendors and finished the Great Colored Carp’s questline.

Precious Bait

Precious Bait can be found in several places in the game. You will need to have learned the dive ability. To do this, you must fight and defeat the Corrupted Monk at Mibu Village.

  • There is a woman standing on the roof of a submerged building in the Fountainhead Palace. If you dive beneath the surface of the water here, you can find multiple pieces of Precious Bait. Just fully explore this underwater area to find them, they are very easy to see.
  • Between the beams of the palace, under the water, in the main Fountainhead area.
  • In the pool of water at the Guardian Ape’s area.
  • In the river, besides the mill that leads to the path where you fight the Corrupted Monk in Mibu Village.

You can feed the Precious Bait to the Great Colored Carp at the Fountainhead Palace Feeding Grounds. It is a little awkward to explain how to find the feeding grounds, so I made a short video showing the route which you can see below.

Truly Precious Bait

Feeding Precious Bait to the Great Colored Carp is a good way to get some Treasure Carp Scales, but what we are really here to do is kill that big fish. When you purchase the Mask Fragment from the strange Barrel Vendor in Hirata Estate, he will tell you he wishes to be a carp. If you haven’t done this yet, travel back to Hirata and do it. When he tells you this, he will also give you a Truly Precious Bait.

Now, return to the Palace Feeding Grounds, ring the bell, and feed the Truly Precious Bait to the Great Colored Carp. The fish will swim away after eating the bait.

Now, travel to the Guardian Ape Idol, and you will discover the corpse of the Great Colored Carp. He will have dropped an item, the Great White Whisker. If you give this to the Feeding Attendant back at the Feeding Grounds, you will get a Divine Grass.

Return To The Barrel Vendor

If you return to the Barrel Vendor, you will discover that he has indeed achieved his dream of becoming a Treasure Carp. Unfortunately for him, he is not a giant, and mighty, version, instead he is just a small carp with glowing red eyes. He still wants Carp Scales, because now he thinks they will make him glow. He will, however, reward you with a Lapis Lazuli for helping him.