Sekiro: All Prosthetic Tools Location Guide

You can find ten different Prosthetic Tools in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. These tools are effective weapons designed to help Sekiro as he traverses throughout Ashina Castle, and the other areas surrounding it as he serves Lord Kuro. You don’t get handed every device, and many times you have to go out of your way to find them. Here’s the entire list of tools, and where to find them.

Prosthetic Tools and Their Locations

Loaded Shuriken

Because Sekiro’s sword cannot reach out too far in front of him, he needs to find a way to deal with enemies who keep their distance and those who jump into the air. You’re going to see the Shuriken shortly before the game’s first boss, in the gatehouse where you find the second Idol with the three wolves in front of it. Grapple up to the second floor of the building, and you’ll loot it from inside the building.


The firecrackers are an excellent distraction for Sekiro to use while he’s fighting multiple enemies. They also serve as a great way to scare beasts, such as horses, wolves, dogs, monkeys, and many more. You can find the firecracker tool shortly after the first boss when you find a merchant, who sells it for 500 sen.

Axe Blade

The axe blade crushes a foe’s posture, along with any shield or protective hat they were using to deflect Sekiro’s blade. With it, Sekiro can use it as a follow-up attack when fighting a boss to deal significant damage to them and turn the fight to his favor. You’ll find it on the side of the main path in Hirata Estate, just before the Shinobi Hunter boss.

Flame Barrel

The flame barrel is in the same area as the Axe Blade, though it’s a little more off to the side. With it you’ll find fighting the Chained Ogre a far easier task, as you can produce fire to scare it, stunning it in your fight. To locate it, when you’re at the main gate of Hirata Estate, go to the left and fight the multiple minions and their dogs on the left side. You should find it in the middle of a small bonfire.

Mist Raven

Here’s the first Prosthetic tool you truly need to go out of your way to find. After you’ve defeated the Shinobi Hunter mini-boss guarding the path to Hirata Estate, head over to the left grappling point shortly after the gate and scale up the side of the hill. Jump into the water below, dealing with the Treasure Carp in the river, and swim until you’re on the other side where there’s a small path. Continue forward, cutting down the bamboo tree line, and enter the cave, scaling the wall up to the top. When you’re there, you’ll continue on your path until you face a purple Ninja, which is a difficult opponent, but you can grab the Mist Raven tool from the building the ninja is guarding during the fight.


You’ll have to go out of your way to grab this tool, too, but it’s not as terrible, and you don’t have to fight as tough of an NPC. Immediately after you arrive at Ashina Castle, and you’re on the bridge with the crying woman, proceed across the way and kill the two NPCs. Go back to the gate, before the bridge, and use the path on the left to find another Idol. You’ll find the spear in a bathhouse, guarded by a handful of Samurai in the next area.


To find this Prosthetic tool you need to purchase it from a merchant. You’re going to find them in Ashina Castle, right next to the Old Grave idol. When you’re at the idol, look down, and you should see a building with a hole in the roof. Jump down through the hole and speak to Black Badger. You can purchase the Umbrella for 1600 sen.


Are you interested in quicker attacks and dealing poison against your enemies? Here’s a great tool, just for you. You can find it by teleporting to the Ashina Castle – Antechamber floor. Proceed into the castle, taking out the first blue Samurai, and then jump down into the chasm, grappling onto the post in the middle. Dive down onto the enemies on the ground floor, and you’ll find the short sword in the chest in the next room.

Divine Abduction

You’re going to loot this tool off of a boss, called the Long-arm Centipede Giraffe, who is in the Gun Fort in the Sunken Valley. The boss is a little troublesome. However, when you’re fighting him, you’re going to use your deflections the most to seize the day. Once you defeat him, you’ll acquire the fans, and the Sculptor turns them into the Divine Abduction.

Finger Whistle

The final tool on this list is likely the most challenging to acquire. You’re going to find it closer to the end of the game, when you teleport to the Bodhisattva Valley idol, in the Sunken Valley. There you’re going to face the Guardian Ape boss, which is a difficult fight and we wrote a guide about how to defeat him. After you kill him, you’re going to loot the tool off the creature.