Sekiro: What To Do With the Young Lord’s Bell Charm

Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is filled with gameplay and mechanical secrets as the developers, From Software, have a talent for hiding these little gems underneath the surface for players to discover. One of these mysteries is the Young Lord’s Bell Charm, which is an item you get from an old woman. We’re going to explain to how to get the object, what to do with it, and how it benefits you.

The Young Lord’s Bell Charm

Where Do You Get It?

Getting The Bell

You receive the Young Lord’s Bell Charm after you encounter the game’s first boss, Samurai General Naomari Kawarada. He’s a tough customer, but with the right timing and using stealth on him in the beginning, you should have no trouble taking him down.

After you advance little ways past him, you’re going to find small patrols of numerous other soldiers wandering a courtyard. Take them out as you see fit, and watch your footing. Among your foes in this area is the first giant man, with a large hammer. If you use stealth, you can take them down immediately.

After you cleared the area, proceed down a few steps until you’re at the bottom of the courtyard. You should see a partially-burned down building with a woman standing on the second floor. Jump over to her and speak to her. You do not have to say anything. Doing so, she’ll hand you the Young Lord’s Bell Charm, which immediately goes into your inventory. Acquiring this item brings up a small dialogue screen informing you to take it back to the Sculptor’s temple.

Where Do You Take It?

As the dialogue screen informed you, you need to take it back to the Sculptor’s workshop and give it to Buddha as an offering. While the game tells you to bring it to the Sculptor, he does not respond to you having it. Instead, you have to go to the small Buddha statue located inside of his workshop, on the left side.

Approach the idol and bow before it, where you’ll run into a small cutscene with Sekiro placing the bell down in the bowl and praying. Doing so transports Sekiro back three years ago when he was defending the Hirata Estate from a bandit attack.

The Bell’s Benefits

Not only do you have access to a new area, you now have the opportunity to acquire one of the prosthetic tools, the Fire Barrel. We have the Fire Barrel’s exact location documented over here for you to follow. The Hirata Estate is a brand new level for you to explore, reliving Sekiro’s past encounter.

You do not have to remain in this area until you’re finished. You can find Sculptor Idols throughout the level and use them whenever you’d like to return to the Ashina palace to continue there.