Eye Of The Serpent | Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Lara finds a secret artifact in the previous chapter The Hidden City, instead of saving Etzli the Queen emphasis Lara on finding out the secret box. In this chapter Eye Of The Serpent, you will be locating the temple entrance which has the Silver Box Of Ix Chel, but before entering you have to right with the creatures who are dwelling deep inside. There is a puzzle where you have to unlock two doors to enter the temple. You can find solutions in this guide.

Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough

The chapter starts with basic navigation towards the temple area, you will be fighting a different type of enemy this time.

Enter The Mountain Temple

Follow the beacon and you will reach a mine entrance. Climb up towards the entrance and your first objective is to locate Inner Stronghold. Rappel down and there will be a short cutscene where Lara draws a pistol. After that climb, the wall on the left corner and you will see the mine area. Walk towards the fire and then jump left. Use the beacon to locate your next target location. You will hear some cultist talking. Try to reach an upper platform and you will discover the base camp inside. Activate it and upgrade your skills.

Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough

After the bonfire, the beacon will lead you towards a waterfall, jump ahead and quickly jump on your left, hang through the rope to land in a structure with a cultist inside. Kill him and take the stairs on the right. Crouch below into another area where you will spot more enemies. Use the ceramic jar to create a smoke grenade and use it for distracting the cultist. They won’t be able to spot you, but you can view their location using survival instinct.

Open The Great Gate

Move forward and you will hear more voices. Go right and you will see the gate. In the right chamber with some hanging decoration, you will find mud you can use to cover yourself. Kill all the cultist in the area, and progress towards the gate. Climb on the top from the right side of the gate to see a cutscene. You will see the cultist captured the Queen.

Find The Silver Box Of Ix Chel

After the cutscene you will be out in the mountains. Walk right and jump towards the mountain wall to axe climb. Go to the left side as much as possible and jump towards the rock. Keep moving right and then go down using the axe. Use rappel to go further down and swing to the right end to catch a pole. Jump towards the wall and use rappel again to go down. Run straight, jump and use grapple axe to swing through the tree branch and land below the structure. Move inside and jump on the rock, rappel down and jump in the water. Follow the beacon, once you are out of the water walk through the jungle and you will see a temple. Use the rope on your right to go on the other side where you will discover a base camp. Go inside a stone structure on the right and climb up from the left corner.

Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough

Dive into the water, and enter the temple. The swim will be long, so look for air pockets, you will passing through underwater caves. Once you are out looking for a rope trap. Jump over it and keep walking till reach a dead end. You will up go on far top of the temple area.

Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough

Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough

To start jump on a column in front of you, use axe to climb up. Then jump left and you will hear a weird voice. Move towards the other side to rappel down, swing and jump straight to land on a platform in front of you. Go the other side and once you will hear a scary voice.

Explore To Find The Entrance

Go straight and jump to climb up. Then swim through the water to reach on the other side. Once you are out using the axe to break the wooden logs to open the path ahead. Once you cross the narrow passage go right, and climb through the walls to a very narrow path. There is a wall to climb on the right jump towards and rappel down. Then swing to your left towards another cave wall. Climb up and keep moving to the left side until you see another wall to climb up. Once you are on top you have to climb again from the end. You will see a hanging body, cut the rope and there will be a cutscene. You will get a weapon – a shotgun.

Just after that, you can set up a base-camp. You can upgrade the shotgun. Once you are done go straight and shoot the barriers with a shotgun. Pass through the narrow opening in the wall and keep following the beacon. While passing through a small cave Lara will be attacked.

Survive The Ambush

Shoot the creatures, in the first wave a few bunches of them will attack you use the shotgun to take them down. Try focusing on the head to kill them fast. In a second wave, you will be attacked by arrows. Kill the creatures and also kill the enemies shooting arrows. More of these creatures will attack, walk through the same entrance from where they came to ambush you. Next, you will reach a small cave entrance submerged in water. Cross that and you will see the creatures running on your top. Swim below the water and break the barrier first, then go up and then connect the log with an arrow to move the lever, it will allow you to rotate a huge piece of the circular wooden door with a passage.

Jump into the water and swim through the penning, once you are out to walk through the cave area and you will be attacked by one creature. Look on right for a wall to climb, go left and then rappel down. Once you are unable to go anywhere swing to your left. There is another cave, it ends with a wall axe climb on that and rappel down. You will see an ancient door.

Open The Gate

Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough

Jump in the water and go towards the huge gate. To open it, return back to the water area, and scan for the beacon. Follow it and it will take you towards another cave where you will face an enemy at the entrance. Use a rifle to kill it fast. Follow the path inside the entrance and fight few inside. The path will take you to a mechanism. You have to move the heads in a way that the water should flow on the wheel.

Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough

Before you shoot rope arrows, on the right side of the entrance there is a path made of wooden logs. A creature will attack you on it, kill it and walk straight. Jump towards the head and use axe swing to climb on it. Go up from the right and break the logs blocking the mechanism below it.

Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough

To return to your last position, towards the lever you can simply jump from the head towards it. Shoot the white rope on the top head first, and use the lover to rotate it in front. Next shoot the rope arrow on the middle on and move it to left. Do the same for the last one. It will move the wheel and the gate will open. At the same time, you will be attacked by lots of cave creatures.

Jump in the water and use survival instinct to find the next beacon. It is underwater, swim towards the huge wheel and then swim through it. There is a small opening underwater, the beacon will take you towards a second mechanism. This will be on the left side of the door you are trying to open. First, fight the enemies and then walk towards a similar lever you used before. Things are pretty much similar just move the heads to direct the water on the wheel. The second one will not move, go left and jump in the water. Swim down and break the logs blocking the mechanism. Return to the lever, and align the heads. Finally you will see the entrance and the queen of those creatures. But she will not enter the other side. The chapter is over after the cutscene, you can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Empty-Handed. For more updates on the game, you can also go through our Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Wiki guide.