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Coming out Tsunami struck the region in the previous chapter Lara and Jonah team up to go to Peru to stop Trinity. In this third chapter Rough Landing, the story continues from the first cutscene that you saw at the very beginning of the game. After landing in the jungle, thins will be hard. You will unlock the crafting and skill section of the game, you will have to hunt down animals, gather items to craft items to survive. You will also have to fight with two ferocious Jaguars.

Rough Landing Walkthrough

Rough Landing Walkthrough

There will be some side-objectives in this chapter that will help you to earn more new abilities if you want to finish this fast follow the beacon to play main objectives only. There will be a bridge puzzle and a jaguar fight in this part of the game.

Look For Survivors:

Back on your foot, you will be in a thick jungle. Follow the beacon and keep using Survival Instinct to locate useful items. You will reach on an edge of a mountain from where you can spot the Sliver-Crowned mountain. You will also see a red flare, that is your next location.

Head Towards The Flare:

Walk from the right end, cross the falling rocks and then jump on the tree branches. You can collect some feathers from the next that will be used for crafting arrows and restore outfits. Jump towards the rocky platform and keep walking through the thick tree branches. Once you are on the ground you will reach a tent.

Search The Area:

Rough Landing Walkthrough

You will get a flight log in the tent, the bonfire will act as your rest point from where you can access Skill section for now. This is the first time you will be going through the Skills section which is quite important as you progress in the game. There are three sections under skills:

  • Seeker – Enhances Exploration Abilities.
  • Warrior – Enhances Combat & Weapon Abilities.
  • Scavenger – Enhances Crafting & Stealth Abilities.

Few skills you will unlock while playing the story mission, while others you can purchase using Skill points. You will see a pretty extensive menu of the skill section. A few of the best skills you can work in the game are listed below.

Eagle’s Eyesight –

  • Category – Seeker.
  • Ability – This ability will help you a lot because it will reveal Artifacts, Monoliths, Treasure Chests, Archivist Maps, and Explorer Backpacks once you use Survival Instinct.

Crow’s Cunning –

  • Category – Seeker.
  • Ability – Adding some extra benefits by having this one with the above ability will help to see Traps while using Survival Instinct.

Caiman’s Breath –

  • Category – Scavenger.
  • Ability – Improves underwater breathing capacity.

Serpent’s Fury –

  • Category – Scavenger.
  • Ability – Enhances stealth killing.

Puma’s Charge –

  • Category – Warrior.
  • Ability – Reduce time between shots and draw string fast.

Puma’s Brace –

  • Category – Warrior.
  • Ability – Resist damage after a short period of time once you are healed in combat.

These are some of the skills you must get fast, there are many more but on the basis of skill points, you can unlock them. Skills like Raposa’s Drop which will reduce damage once you fall from height is also good. There are many such skills that will enhance Lara’s abilities. Continuing with the story, follow the beacon and you will see your crashed gear.

Find A Tool To Cut Down Your Gear:

To get the gears, walk a bit ahead and you will see a broken plane’s engine with blades on it. Use Survival Instinct to locate it. If you follow the beacon still you will reach it. It will trigger a small cutscene where Lara while attempting to break the piece of sharp metal falls and the engine slips into the pond and sinks. Jump in the water, swim down and get the metal piece. Use the same thing to protect yourself from Eel. Back on the ground, you will have to sharpen the piece to cut the rope.

Collect Salvage To Sharpen Knife:

You will have to collect three items to sharpen the knife so that you can cut the rope and get your gears.

Rough Landing Walkthrough

Item 1 & Item 2 – From the rope go left, look for a rope like in the picture above. Walk straight and take the second tree to climb up. Jump on the right platform on the floor and you will get the two items.

Rough Landing Walkthrough

Item 3 – For the last one look ahead and you will see a tree with a thick trunk. On its left, there is a small pond where you will find the last object.

After collecting all the items go to the camp and sit at the bonfire to unlock the second option Weapon Crafting. Inside you will see Makeshift Knife, craft it. You will have to cut two ropes, first is near the camp and second is on the platform where you find items for crafting knife. Collect the gear.

Find Miguel:

Follow the beacon and you will reach two tree trunks with white rope them. Pull out a rope arrow and shoot it on the other and cross it. You will see the flare, walking a bit further will trigger a second small cutscene where you will see you are in a Jaguar’s terrorist who had freshly killed the pilot.

Make It Through The Jaguar’s Territory:

Once the cutscene is over, follow the beacon, you can shoot down the monkeys if you are bored. But don’t waste your arrows. Ahead you will have to face the Jaguars. The animal won’t die in one or two arrows. You have to be quick here. Dodge the jaguar’s attack and then shoot an arrow. If you find him approaching towards you dodge left or right and walk in circles. The Jaguars won’t attack frequently. They will run away in between so you have enough time to craft arrows. If you fail to dodge o the right time you will lose a high amount of health. Dodging is a key to survive. After some time both Jaguars will attack you, press the flashing keys on the screen to kill it.

Find Jonah:

After the cutscene, heal yourself and you have to locate Jonah. Take the same path from where the Jaguar left with the dead Jaguar. After climbing up you will spot plane wreckage. To go there climb from the tree on the left corner. After going up climb again from the left rocks that will lead you to an edge from where you can jump into the plane body and there will be a cutscene.

Find Kuwaw Yaku:

Rough Landing Walkthrough

Lara will unite with Jonah and after a discussion, both will follow to locate Kuwaq Ku. Follow Jonah and after passing a wooden barrier you will see a village. Make your way towards the place by walking through mountain edges, Jonah will follow. Keep moving with him and he will stop at a bridge. Turn around and look for a rope ladder to climb and pull the wooden bar to draw the water. Go down and move the huge round stones with wood handle. It is on the left of the bridge. Once you push it, the bucket will go down and another one with stones will come up. Try to push the same wheel one more time. Run towards the right of the bridge there is a way that goes down and you will see a wooden bridge mechanism.

Rough Landing Walkthrough

Once push the huge pair of stones, run towards the right go down and a log with ropes on it comes down, shoot a rope arrow and tie it with another one on the opposite side of the river. This will stabilize the bridge. Cross it and there will be a cutscene.

The stele in the cutscene reveals a recipe of Eye of the Eagle ability, this will help you to sense Animals and Natural Resources in the jungle. You will require perception plants for using this ability and after the upgrade, you will be able to sense animals. Walk towards the village and you will see an entrance carved into stone. Once Lara passes she will be attacked by the injured Jaguar, Jonah will pass the flare to help. The fight begins after shooting. First, learn to Evade the Jaguar’s incoming attack and then shoot arrows on the animal.

Once you are able to kill him return to Jonah and help him to pass through the blocked path. This will trigger a long cutscene. Just after this, there is another one where play as young Lara that triggers Chapter 4 Brave Adventurer.

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