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Shenmue II Remastered Achievements Guide | How To Unlock All Achievements

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

Tips to unlock all achievements in Shenmue II Remastered. In this guide, you can find the list of all achievements and the method to unlock them as you progress through the game story.

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Shenmue II Remastered is an action-adventure open world game where you can participate in brawler battles and quick time events. There is also a day-night system with weather effects, NPC’s have a daily schedule and the game is filled with mini-games. Ryo Hazuki the protagonist is in pursuit of his father’s killer in Hong Kong. During the main story gameplay, you will unlock various achievements, some of them are easy to miss. You can refer to the details below on how to unlock each and every achievement in Shenmue II.

Shenmue II Remastered Achievements Guide

Shenmue II Achievement List

Below is the list of achievements along the method to unlock them.

Achievement List:

Shenmue II:

  • How To Unlock: Once the game starts you will have to tip two musicians who are playing a song for the travelers. Just put the money in their chest.

Money for Nothing:

  • How To Unlock: Visit the fortune teller and pay her $20 to get your fortune.

Unexpected Visit:

  • How To Unlock: The fortune teller will tell you that you are going to lose all your money, so spend it on different things like capsule toys, lighters, etc. Leave around $50 or less with you and when it is stolen you will unlock this achievement.

Big Spender:

  • How To Unlock: You will have to win an arm-wrestling fight. You will unlock this achievement + you will earn $10.


  • How To Unlock: If you win more than four arm wrestling then you get this achievement.


  • How To Unlock: Hit the button with the pencil icon on the same, and then press the button that has X on it.


  • How To Unlock: Place a map marker.

Slippery Like An Eel:

  • How To Unlock: You will have to win the QTE Event once you enter Pidgeon park.

Baggage Claim:

  • How To Unlock: You will have to retrieve your bag for unlocking this achievement.

Good Samaritan:

  • How To Unlock: Outside Come Over Guest House go left, you will find a guy who wants some help to straighten a sign. Help him.


  • How To Unlock: To earn this one you will have to learn Iron Palm.


  • How To Unlock: To unlock this achievement you will need to know five moves at Wise Men’s Kung Fu. The moves are Stepping Strike, Oblique Air Kick, Twin Palm Thrust, Dragon Spin, and Double Storm Kick. You will have to speed around 900HKD for these moves.

Never Assume:

  • How To Unlock: To unlock this one you will have to find the identity of Lishao Tao.

Autumn in Wan Chai:

  • How To Unlock: You will have to catch three leaves to get this one.

Back To School:

  • How To Unlock: To unlock this one you will have to master a move Wild Throw. You will get only one chance for this. You have to go to Zhousan once you find a slip of paper in Wulinshu. Go to Guant Martial Arts School and there you will get a chance to learn the move.


  • How To Unlock: You can unlock this one by learning 10 moves.

Another Fine Mess:

  • How To Unlock: To get this one you will have to fall off the roof with Ren. It all began once you learn about Chawan Sign, you will have to return to Yan Tin Apartment. There you will learn Hind Blow move. On Day 4 once you are done carrying al the book you will get a move scroll for Diagonal Wipe. Next, you will have to start looking for Ren. You will need 500HKD to meet him, so go down and play the cargo-carrying mini-game. You will earn a Brawling Uppercut move. Meet Ren and fall off the roof with him to unlock this achievement.

Sweet Sorrow:

  • How To Unlock: Before leaving Hongkong you will have to say goodbye to 4 wude masters. The teachers are Zhousan at Guant Martial Arts School located in Market Plaza, Zhangyu at Zhangyu Barber Hop, Jianmin at Lotus Park and Guixiang at Yan Tin Apartments.


  • How To Unlock: You will have to leave Hongkong to get this one. you will also learn Counter Elbow Assault. Just lave Wan Chai.


  • How To Unlock: You will have to learn around 15 combat skills to unlock this achievement.

Under The Nose:

  • How To Unlock: To get this one you will have to catch Yuan and rescue Zhang Shu Qin.

5 Star General:

  • How To Unlock: Just solve four key puzzles to unlock this achievement.

New Kid On The Block:

  • How To Unlock: You will have to impress the Yellowhead Scout, Yuandao Huo with your fighting skills to get this achievement. It began when Ren shoots you after you try entering into Yellow Head Building. He will you to try Chawan Sign, go to Nihao Teahouse in Dumsum Qr. There you will get a note with address Room 503 of Moon Child Building. Go there and you will learn a new move Predictive Explosion. Next, you will be fighting against three fighters and then you will fight with Rob Stunt. Next, you will be meeting the scout on the Dragon Street there defeat three targets.

To Be This Good Takes Ages:

  • How To Unlock: On the second floor of Yellow Head Building plays Hang On in Room 222. You will have to win all 4 arcade games.

David and Goliath:

  • How To Unlock: Defeat Dou Niu.

Flower Power:

  • How To Unlock: Before leaving for Guilin find Lishao Tao. You will get Demon’s Triangle Scroll. Next, agree with Shenhua and take the path where you can see flowers.

Tree Hugger:

  • How To Unlock: Find Shenmue Tree.

Not Done Yet!:

  • How To Unlock: Once you see the cutscene with two mirrors you will unlock this achievement.

Ample of achievements below will be unlocked as you progress in the main story, for others you have to check the mini-games and a few side objectives.

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