How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle in Shenmue III

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Like it’s predecessors, Shenmue III features several puzzles you’ll need to figure out along the way, including the Bell Tower.

At one point in the game, you’ll come across Elder Yeh, who has some information about the Verdant Bridge. However, you’ll need to complete a certain challenge involving climbing a bell tower and locating six tokens within her house.This guide will walk you through where to find the tokens, as well as how to use them once you reach the bell tower.

Locating the Six Tokens

The tokens aren’t exactly sitting out in the open. However, they’re not that hard to find if you do a little looking.

  • Token 1: Look for the sliding cabinet right across from Elder Yeh is sitting, and you’ll find the token in there
  • Token 2: There’s a shelf right behind that. By holding the L2 button and pushing it, you’ll come across the second token. You’ll see a gap where you’ll need to move another piece of furniture aside. Before you do that, however, go a little bit off to the right near the corner and look for a sliding cupboard door. Open it and you’ll locate the third token.
  • Token 3: Now move the furniture and make your way into the gap. You’ll see a cabinet with glass on your right hand side. Token #3 is right inside.
  • Token 4: Take a glance to the left of the cabinet and you’ll see a shelving unit. Look in the third drawer and you’ll find the fifth token inside.
  • Token 5: Go two cabinets down to the left. Take a peek inside the small drawer and the fifth token will be waiting.
  • Token 6: Finally, look on the left side for a sliding door. Go ahead and open it, and the sixth token is yours.

Once you find these tokens, go ahead and rest for the night. Then, the next day, you’ll make your way to the Bell Tower to complete the puzzle. Do yourself a favor and make sure you get everything done within Bailu Village first, though. Once you finish the Bell Tower, you’ll move on with the story.

Matching Up Items In the Bell Tower

Once you climb up the Bell Tower, you’ll see six pillars, each with symbols on them. The symbols will not match what you see on the tokens. In fact, they act as opposites. What you’ll need to do is match up each of the tokens with the symbols that represent opposites.

Here’s how they break down, just in case:

  • The shield pillar – use the sword token
  • The sun pillar – use the moon token
  • The steamed buns pillar – use the wine token
  • The open palm pillar – use the fist token
  • The Phoenix pillar – use the Dragon token
  • The turtle pillar – Use the crane token

Now comes the tricky part. Once the tokens are in place, you need to head upstairs and do some turning of the centerpiece. Here’s the order you’ll want to turn in: Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left. You’ll use the circle and square buttons to do this, so make sure you’re turning in the proper direction.

Do this and you’ll move on with the story. We’ve posted the video below from PS4 Kid that shows which symbols are which in matching up the tokens with the pillars.