Shipwrights’ Supply Shop in Sea of Thieves – how to stock your ship

No more need to loot barrels.

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Stocking up your ship in Sea of Thieves with supplies and resources can be laborious. The most basic way to do so is to pocket supplies from every barrel in an Outpost, which takes way too much time. The Merchant Alliance sells Resource Crates, luckily, to cut some of that time down. But if you are a Captain in Sea of Thieves, or are part of a Captained crew, Shipwrights can expedite this whole process with their Supply Shop.

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Shipwright’s Supply Shop location

Go to the dock of any Outpost and find the shipwright (their name will begin with “S”). Talk to them and select the second option, “Browse [Shipwright’s name] Supply and Captain’s Voyage Shop.” Keep in mind that this option will only appear if you are a Captain or are a member of a Captained crew. The supplies will be at the top of the menu, above the Captain’s Voyages.

Shipwright Supplies prices and contents

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You can only buy one of each item per crew and per Outpost; for example, one crewmate can make one Wood Supply purchase at Sanctuary Outpost, but no one else in the crew can buy additional wood from the same Outpost. However, you can make another Wood Supply Purchase if you sail the ship to a different Outpost. Below are the supplies you can buy from a Shipwright, how much Gold it will cost, and what comes with each purchase.

  • Wood Supply (2,500 Gold): 30 wood
  • Cannonball Supply (3,500 Gold): 30 cannonballs
  • Throwables Supply (3,500 Gold): 10 firebombs, 10 blunderbombs
  • Fruit Provisions (3,500 Gold): 12 coconuts, 8 pomegranates, 6 mangoes, 4 pineapples
  • Meat Provisions (1,725 Gold): 4 chicken, 4 pork, 4 snakes, 3 sharks
  • Bait Supply (3,500 Gold): 10 grubs, 10 leeches, 10 earthworms

These supplies automatically go into your ship’s supply barrels; all fruit, meat, and bait will go in one food barrel, while all cannonballs and throwables will go in a single cannonball barrel.