How Merchant Resource Crates work in Sea of Thieves

A crew is nothing without supplies.

Sea of Thieves Season Two Resource Crates

Image via Xbox Game Studios (YouTube)

Most Sea of Thieves sessions begin with a long period of looting every barrel at an Outpost for its supplies. It’s a long and arduous process, but Season Two provides an easy way for players to get started before sailing off. By going to the Merchant Alliance vendor, you can actually buy crates of resources to supply your ship — though it isn’t a cheap and painless process.

Merchant Resource Crates costs

Sea of Thieves Season Two Resource Crates
Image via Xbox Game Studios (YouTube)

Go to the Merchant Alliance vendor at the dock on any Outpost. You can peruse their offerings of Voyages and promotions as usual, but select Browse Resources and Commodities instead. The Resources tab will display the supply crates you can purchase:

  • Cannonball Crate – 5,000 Gold
  • Fruit Crate – 3,500 Gold
  • Storage Crate – 17,500 Gold
  • Wood Crate – 3,500 Gold

Don’t forget to redeem your purchased crate from the merchant. The Cannonball Crate, Fruit Crate, and Wood Crate will all be fully stocked up with 50 supplies each; the Fruit Crate will only carry bananas. Keep in mind that the Storage Crate will be completely empty, even though it costs significantly higher than the rest of the crates. It’s likely due to the high storage space it provides, and you can use this crate to store all of the supplies you loot from Outpost barrels.

Merchant Resource Crates refresh rate

Once you buy a Resource Crate from an Outpost, it will be out of stock for your crew until three days later in-game — this roughly translates to about one real-life hour. Restocks will come at 6 AM in-game time, but you can also buy these supply crates at other Outposts if need be. Keep in mind that you can’t sell these crates back to the merchant you bought them from.