Should you get the Premium Season 1 Battle Pass in Overwatch 2?

Is it worth it to grab this Battle Pass?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 has arrived, and this is the game’s official launch. With Overwatch 2 being available to everyone in a free-to-play format, players can jump into the game with their friends and play across multiple platforms. The free-to-play format for Overwatch 2 also means there will be an option for the Season 1 Battle Pass. Should you get the Season 1 Battle Pass in Overwatch 2?

Is the Premium Season 1 Battle Pass worth it in Overwatch 2?

There will be a free version of the Season 1 Battle Pass in Overwatch 2. It is available to everyone who jumps into the game, and you can regularly level it up by playing games throughout the first season. However, there is a premium version that you will need to pay money for, and it costs roughly $10. It comes with multiple skins you can unlock as you progress through the track, giving you numerous rewards while you play the game.

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There are 80 levels in this reward track, and it contains multiple legendary skins and cosmetics for your account. It is important to note that the Battle Passes also contain new characters for you to play, such as Kiriko. She will be available at level one if you purchase the premium version. However, if you prefer to work through the Battle Pass and not buy it, Kiriko will be a reward at level 55.

Ultimately, for season one, we see it worth your time to purchase the Battle Pass. There are a lot of skins to go through, plenty of cosmetics to add to your profile, and it immediately gives you access to challenges and the latest hero. Plus, it’s the first season for Overwatch 2, so the Battle Passes will be a good addition if you continue to enjoy the game moving forward. However, they are not required to enjoy Overwatch 2 and have a good time.