Should you get What You Choose to Be Community Day Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Is it worth it?

Image via Niantic

Whenever a Community Day event rolls around in Pokémon Go, players are curious to find out about the featured Pokémon and the exclusive move its final form will be able to learn. For August 2021, Eevee is the featured Community Day Pokémon, and it this Pokémon’s second time being in the spotlight. Because it is Eevee’s second time, the formula is being changed by offering two days for players to participate in the event, with bonuses available from August 13 to 16. There will also be an exclusive Special Research ticket available for the event that you can purchase. Should you get the What You Choose to Be Community Day Special Research ticket?

When it comes to picking up the Special Research ticket, it all comes down to the Pokémon being featured for the event. For August 2021, it’s Eevee, and Eevee has eight evolutions that it can become; each of them is given a unique charged move for the Community Day event.

All of the charged moves give the respective Pokémon a decent boost, but the standouts are Umbreon and Sylveon. These Pokémon are considered the two best choices when it comes to Eevee’s evolutions. So if you’re looking to add these two to your roster, we highly recommend purchasing the ticket to increase your chances of finding a perfect IV Eevee in the wild.

A powerful Umbreon is perfect for players to use in the Great and Ultra Leagues, giving it diversity, and it also means you want to add two to your roster. One for the Great League and the other for the Ultra League. Umbreon is a bulky fighter that can charge up its energy to use its charged moves reasonably often. In addition, you can swap out its usual last resort charged move for psychic, the new Community Day one, to make it even stronger.

The same goes for Sylveon, except for the Ultra and Master League. Sylveon is a bulky option that can more reliably spam its fast move during a battle, unlike Umbreon, but it doesn’t have the best charged move pressure. It’s a far better Lead or Closer Pokémon, but with psyshock added to its moveset, it’s even better than it already was as Fairy-type.

Overall, we highly encourage players who want to increase their chances of finding more Eevees during the August 2021 Community Day to grab the What You Choose to Be Special Research ticket. The ticket will offer exclusive rewards and several items that will aid in capturing all eight of Eevee’s evolutions throughout the event weekend.