Boku no Roblox: Remastered codes in Roblox (October 2021)

Every active code for Boku no Roblox: Remastered.

Roblox and Boku no Hero Academia, also known as My Hero Academia in the West, have fused in a unique game to try out on the Roblox titles. Known as Boku no Roblox: Remastered, the game is constantly updated by the team and has hundreds or even thousands of people playing it at its peak. Players can take on any superpower that they want.

There are also a ton of additional costume items, bosses to fight, and enemies to slay, as players look to be their ideal hero or villain in the world. To help you with what you want to be, here are all the known codes that the developers have added to the game that will give you additional cash to spend on anything you want.

How to redeem a code

To redeem one of the above codes, you will need to open up the menu icon on the screen’s right-hand side. Click on the options tab, and you will see an area to input a code. Copy and paste from this article, redeem, and you will instantly become a little richer in Boku no Roblox: Remastered.

Active codes

  • 1MFAVS – Redeem for 25K Cash 
  • newu1s – Redeem for 50K cash

The list will be updated if new codes are added or known, but remember that the codes can only be created by the game developers and are only shared rarely.