Should you take Charlotte’s anger or leave her alone in Life is Strange: True Colors?

Sometimes it’s better to leave things alone.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Near the end of chapter three, Monster or Mortal in Life is Strange: True Colors, Alex will talk to Charlotte in the back of her shop to discuss Ethan. While she is grateful for you giving him a good time to put a smile on his face, you also find out she is building up a lot of hatred towards him, Alex, Ryan, and Gabe. You will be given the choice of taking her anger or leaving her alone. Here is what happens after each choice.

When you are contemplating taking Charlotte’s anger away, there are a few things to consider. First, this anger seems to be taking her down a path where Alex fears for Charlotte’s life. On the other hand, anger obviously really affects Alex, so there could be some adverse effects from it.

Take her anger

If you take Charlotte’s anger, you will leave Charlotte as a shell of herself, but she won’t be angry at you anymore. However, this will have a larger impact on the final chapter in the game where she will not help you. Additionally, when Alex returns to her apartment, she will blow up on Steph and make her storm out of the room with Ryan following her. This leaves you to search the USB for answers by yourself.

Leave her alone

While some choices seem to be good and bad on both sides, we think this option is the much better choice here. You will leave Charlotte still angry, but you can leave her with some words of encouragement. She will help you at the end of the game, though, and things end much better. Also, when you meet up with Steph and Ryan, you will talk about what happened with Charlotte, but a fight won’t break out and they will help talk you through searching the USB’s contents.