Should you tell the truth or lie to Jakob and Gideon in Nier Replicant?

The harsh truth or a comforting lie.

Upon reaching the Junk Heap in Nier Replicant, players will meet Jakob and Gideon. The two brothers can upgrade your weapons if you can find them the right materials, which means a trip through the nearby factory.

After that, they will tell you that their mother has gone missing, and ask you to look for her. This involves going back into the factory, finding your way through the maze-like building, and taking on a massive robot in a boss battle.

When it is over, you will discover the boys mother has died. While the boy thought that she was out searching for resources and materials for them, it is clear that she had abandoned them, meeting with a man to move on to a new life. Both the man and their mother died together, falling victim to the dangers of the factory and the robots that live their.

Upon returning to Gideon and Jakob, players will have two choices:

  • She’s in heaven now
  • I couldn’t find her

If you are wondering about which option to pick, it doesn’t really matter. This won’t impact the story at all, or change the lives of the two boys. They will continue to run their shop, no matter what you tell them.

You will get the chance to learn a lot more about their boys, and their family, as the story goes on, so don’t think this is the last you will be hearing from them either.