Sifu: All Shrine locations in The Museum

The exhibits are nice, but the Shrines are nicer.

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Sifu’s Shrines can boost your Structure gauge, help you recover more health upon takedowns, and even reset your death counter. They’re pretty valuable, and you’ll want to hunt down as many as you can while playing through any given level.

The Museum is perhaps Sifu’s most visually-stunning level, but it’s also pretty punishing. Grabbing all three of this level’s Shrines can help greatly in your battle against Kuroki and her guards. Here’s where to find every Shrine in The Museum.

Shrine #1: Next to the large, spinning kunai

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you progress through the level, you’ll arrive in a room featuring a large, spinning, ink-dispensing kunai. To the left of it is a wall you can go behind. After you clear out the enemies in this room, go behind the wall to find the Shrine.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Shrine #2: On the top floor

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you get to the top floor of the museum, follow the main path towards the invisible bridge. You’ll see this Shrine on the right shortly before you hop the railing onto the bridge.

Shrine #3: Before the fight with Kuroki

Screenshot by Gamepur

After exiting Kuroki’s trippy exhibit, you’ll arrive in a snowy environment. Up ahead is the boss fight with Kuroki, but you’ll find this Shrine on the left side of the path towards her.