Skull and Bones Closed Beta Keeps Crashing (How to Fix)

Skull and Bones is an online seafaring game in which players clash on the high seaas, but that’s not possible if it keeps crashing.

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The Skull and Bones Open Beta is well underway, allowing thousands of seafaring pirate fans to hop into a 17th-century-inspired ocean and make their name among the saltiest sea dogs. However, it’s pretty hard to make a name like Blackbeard when the game keeps on crashing.

Skull and Bones is an online pirate MMO similar to Sea of Thieves, but the heart of the gameplay revolves around a player’s ship in third-person. Thousands of people can roam the seas together, seeking fortune solo or as a band of ruffians. While we’re loving our time with the closed beta, it’s pretty difficult to build up any momentum when we’re hit with repeated crashes.

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What to Do When the Skull and Bones Closed Beta Keeps Crashing & How to Fix it

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When the Skull and Bones Open Beta keeps crashing, players must submit a report to Ubisoft on whatever platform they’re playing and restart the game. The crash will boot them to their desktop or home screen, so it should be a simple case of opening the game from there.

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We experienced a crash as soon as we tried to use the cannons early in the game. These are required to leave the starting area, but because of the crash, we were trapped. We had to restart the game multiple times to get past this glitch on the first day of the Skull and Bones Open Beta. But once we passed it, we were back on our way to becoming a pirate legend.

At the time of writing, February 8, 2024, the open beta for Skull and Bones is live, and players are diving into it. It seems as though some of them are having issues, but through perseverance, they’re managing to make the beta work.

How to Fix “Prepaid Card Could Not be Redeemed Error” for Skull and Bones Closed Beta

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To fix the “Prepaid card could not be redeemed” Error when trying to use the redemption code for the Skull and Bones Closed Beta, players must search their library and download the old client for the previous Skull and Bones beta they played.

This error is caused by a Ubisoft account already having access to the Skull and Bones Open Beta due to past participation. If this is the case, players must download the old client they used previously. We did this by opening our collection on PS5 and searching for Skull and Bones. We downloaded the old Closed Beta client, and that’s how we’ve been playing since December 15, 2023.

How to Play the Skull and Bones Closed Beta

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To play the Skull and Bones Closed Beta, fans must sign up on the game’s official website. After linking their Ubisoft with their Microsoft, Ubisoft Connect, or PlayStation Network account, they will get a code via email if they’re selected to play. From there, they need to use the code on the website to get the redeem code for the closed beta on their device of choice.

Fans will need to download the Closed Bea product for Skull and Bones before they can play it. This can take a while, given how many people are trying to play. The latest closed beta, which started on December 15, 2023, will run until December 18, 2023. the game will be live for six hours each day, meaning players have a small window in which to make progress and see the game they might fall in love with when it’s released in February 2024.