Slime Rancher – How to Get the Fire Ornament

In Slime Rancher it can be very difficult to get the exact ornaments you want, but here is our guide to recover the Fire Ornament.

What are the ornaments in Slime Rancher?

It is one of the ornaments added with the update of Party Gordo and is obtained in the same way that all other ornaments are obtained; which is going through RNG based on the week the players are playing. As such, if the players get one or less it is left almost completely to chance. They could be lucky and get a large number of them; or, they can be flush with any other type of ornament up for grabs. Likewise, the chances of players getting Fire Ornaments will become zero if they can not find the slime that potentially drops them in the first place.

Which Slime Drops Fire Ornaments

Slime Rancher How to Get the Fire Ornament

Players must find a Party Gordo in their game world and feed 10 units of food. After doing so, the Gordo will burst, generating a rare ornament, four pink slime with party hats and sunglasses and eight party crates each containing another ornament. Every week’s Gordo position is typically posted on the Fandom wiki of the game shortly after spawning, so head over to the site to find out where you can find them on your own. The Fire Ornament is usually found in the Party Cases, although again it appears based on the RNG and the week in which the players are registered. Fortunately, the type of ornaments to be won is also published on the wiki, with two different ornaments available each week. As such, keep your eyes open to see when the Fire Ornaments are up for grabs and make sure you try your luck to get one when possible.

This probably helped you understand how to get a Fire Ornament in Slime Rancher.