Sol Cresta’s final formation explained

Harnessing the power of the sun.

Image via Platinum Games

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Sol Cresta’s special attacks are unlocked one by one when the player encounters one of the corresponding power-ups on the map. Each of these emblems has been inscribed with the general formation your ships will need to take to trigger the attack. The final formation, however, is hidden from the player.

Unlocking the final formation

Unlocking the final formation is quite simple on paper, but requires a bit of skill and attention in practice. The player needs to collect one of each of the other formations before being allowed to trigger the final formation.

The collection of all of the formations can be streamlined by firing on the power-ups as they appear. If you’re presented with a duplicate before filling out your inventory, blasting the power-up will change the formation you’re about to collect. Juggling your power-ups before collecting them will save a ton of headache on the road to The Yamato’s final form.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll know if you’ve successfully triggered this for the first time because the game will present you with a brief pop-up.

Using the final formation

This formation is a bit different from any you’ve been presented with so far. After arranging your ships in the triangle formation to trigger the attack, the Yamato will burst into flames and take on the form of a phoenix. The ship will briefly become invincible, stop firing bullets during this period, and deal damage to enemies on contact.