Solium Infernum – Gameplay, Release Date & Trailers

Prepare to raise some hell with the grand strategy epic Solium Infernum.


Image via League of Geeks

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Solium Infernum is an upcoming grand strategy game that involves plenty of backstabbing, lies, manipulation, and politics, as players must use all their tools and wits to ascend and become the new ruler of Hell. It’s a game designed to test friendships and bring out your wicked side, and it’s almost here for players to sink their teeth into.

If you like the thought of messing with your friends and ruling over Hell, we’ve put all the details on the upcoming release, including its trailers and release date, into this guide so you can get up to speed and prepare to enter into a strategy game like no other.

Everything to Know about Solium Infernum

Image via League of Geeks

Solium Infernum is an upcoming grand strategy game set in the ash-covered realms of Hell. It sees players take control of an archdevil, attempt to win their way to the throne, and become Hell’s new ruler following the disappearance of the Prince of Darkness. You’ll need to be cunning, ruthless, and a little fiendish to ensure you ascend to the throne.

Turns are taken simultaneously, with games hosting up to six players. During these turns, you’ll need to use politics, tactics, lies, and manipulation to outsmart your opponents by using powers, rituals, diplomacy, and legions of troops while trying to figure out who is playing who. It combines a mixture of social deduction, tension, strategy, tactics, and scheming into a truly unique experience unlike any other strategy game.

What is the Release Date for Solium Infernum?

Image via League of Geeks

Solium Infernum will be released on February 22, 2024, for Steam. There is currently no word or confirmation if Solium Infernum will make its way to consoles.

Developers’ League of Geeks’ previous outing, Armello, was released on PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as PlayStation 4, eventually making its way onto Xbox and Nintendo Switch and introducing crossplay. While it hasn’t been confirmed, we imagine the developers are considering console releases and crossplay once the game has had some time on PC and gotten out into the world.

Will Solium Infernum Be Getting DLC?

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There have been no details or announcements that Solium Infernum will get DLC following the game’s release.

Much like with the multiplatform release and crossplay, Armello received multiple updates and DLC that introduced new characters and items into the game, expanding the already relatively robust offering into one filled with content players still play to this day. With that said, it’s a fair assumption we could see additional content make its way into Solium Infernum in the future, but it remains a positive speculation.

All Solium Infernum Trailers

Image via League of Geeks

Here, we have listed all the currently available Solium Infernum trailers.

This is the official reveal trailer, released on September 22, 2022.

This is the gameplay reveal trailer, released on February 19, 2023.

This is the in-depth gameplay trailer, released on September 28, 2023.