Special Costume Sync Pair Hilda and Mega Diancie moves in Pokémon Masters EX

Another great Rock-type Sync Pair is on its way to the game.

Image via DeNa

Hilda and Mega Diancie Sync Pair is joining the continuously expanding roster of Pokémon Masters EX. The Rock-type unit is a Physical Striker that excels at dealing AoE damage. Here is a complete breakdown of the unit and all its moves.

Hilda and Mega Diancie moveset

Hilda and Mega Diancie Sync Pair has three passive skills, which are mentioned below:

  • Head Start 1: Decreases the user’s Sync Move each time the unit enters the battle. 
  • Tough Cookie: The higher the user’s Defense, the more powerful the user’s moves become.
  • Swag Bag 1: Increases the chance of raising stat values with the additional effects of moves.

Hilda and Mega Diancie moves are as follows:

  • Stone Edge (3-gauge move): Deals damage between 100-120 and makes Critical hits easier to land.
  • X Attack (2 usages): Increases the user’s Attack by two ranks.
  • Diamond Storm (4-gauge move): Deals damage between 163-195 to all opponents and has a 50% chance of increasing the user’s Defense by two ranks.
  • Shine On! (1 usage): Increases the user’s Speed and Accuracy by two ranks. Furthermore, it increases the user’s Critical-Hit Rate by three ranks.
  • Princess Power Rock Impact (Sync Move): Deals damage between 160-192, and mega evolves the unit.

Should you pull for Hilda and Mega Diancie

The Sync Pair has a solid kit that is capable of dishing out massive damage. It is relatively easy to use and requires minimal setup. Hilda and Mega Diancie also has AoE damage in her kit, making her ideal for speed runs. However, there are plenty of Rock-type DPS units that fill a similar role. Overall, players lacking a strong Rock-type Sync Pair can pull for Hilda and Mega Diancie.